Auspicious beginnings…


Dear readers,

Welcome to the Very Very Gaming blog. In keeping with the retro topic covered in Very Very Gaming, I’m about 10 years late to the blogosphere. In the future, blogging will be replaced by newer, better technologies and no doubt there’ll be a hardcore nerdy elite bunch leading the “retro blog” revival, a retro movement dedicated to recreating the archaic blog world. What fools! Personally, I’m anxiously anticipating the passing of blogs. Until such time however, another blog about videogames will only contribute to the mountains of drivel the blog revivalists will have to trawl through, therefore making their job more difficult.

In this blog, expect reviews of the best and weirdest 32-bit and beyond games, and tracts of text dedicated to the hardware running aforementioned games. The main reason for this whole enterprise is the recent de-closeting of my Sega Saturn (mostly closeted in the first place due to financial constraints) and my first ever foray into import gaming. All of which will be painstakingly recorded in time, have no doubt.

On with the show, till death do us part, etc.


Blogger, Sworn Enemy of the Future Blog Revival


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