A revised approach to videogame coverage

This blog is going to change. Up until now, inbetween my unreadable essays and moments of satire I’ve bulked out the blog with so-called reviews. I even went back and retroactively renamed my “impressions” posts to “mini-review” posts, in the hopes of attracting more views. Why? Because nobody searches for “*random game* impressions” except weirdos! The norms are all out there searching for reviews. Norms out there are looking for a definitive statement about a videogame and not some vague wishy-washy impressions that you just made up on the fly. Those have no official status! Reviews have the power and authority to give life and taketh away – just look at Metacritic, GameRankings and Rotten Tomatoes. Perhaps I’m overstating the importance of the review here. But there’s a whole, massive, traditional branch of the gaming media devoted to it. And news, reviews, previews, impressions, are all essential fruits that grow on this particular branch of videogame coverage.

Fight the power

So I think it’s about time I took better advantage of this blog as a way out of talking about games in those categories. I was only writing in that mode in the first place because it’s the only way I know how, it’s all I’ve ever been exposed to since I was a child reading Amiga, then PC, then N64 magazines. Sure, right now I can handle writing one-off “features” that look at different aspects of games, but what is the daily bread and butter of this here blog that bulks out the racial politics in Aladdin and Ocarina of Time or the invented Call of Duty parody in which you play as a rabbit? It was the review, but as for what shall replace it I’m not 100% decided.

What I do know is that I want to talk about games in a separate language to a review, so that I’m not simply explaining what any given game is about in order to justify either recommending or not recommending it. The recommendation question can still come into play, of course, because no one can deny that recommendations are important. Plus, as a nerd, there is nothing better than the idea of convincing someone to think the same way you do. But whereas a review puts the recommendation question right at the centre of the conversation, I’d be more happy to see it pushed to one side, and deferred to the post-script, or the comments section.

In conclusion then I don’t know exactly what will follow. Perhaps I’ll write with a greater emphasis on individual aspects or sections of games, or describe more personal experiences with games… basically, some way of breaking the limitations of a review and doing something a bit different.

If I’m not going to mix things up, then what is the benefit of writing for a blog over traditional media sites like IGN and Gamespot? “Well duh, this blog has a massive advantage over IGN and Gamespot because you write for this blog, and you don’t write for those other sites, hence why they mean nothing to me”. You’re much too kind, readers! I don’t know what to say, thank you. I- I- I’m welling up. But I won’t cry, I’m better than that. All power trips aside, apologies for the crap post. Back soon.


  1. Reset Tears

    I’m on my fourth blog at the moment, and think I’ve settled on just writing whatever nonsense I feel like (and try to not care that I’ll never get past 5 views a day, lol). I had a daily writing and book review blog, a short story weekly serial blog, and then an active anime/manga blog–and try as hard as I could to find some semblance of an audience, it just never happened. Looking back, I imagine it’s simply a matter of not having anything truly new to offer–I mean, I could review a book or anime or write my own drivel all right, but so can just about the entire rest of the internet populace. And I’m just not social network savvy enough to “go viral,” you know? I’m like “Hello, Twitter denizens, what’s your favorite video game,” and then nothing happens! Or they say Pokemon, and I’m like SCREW THAT! (I’m joking [sort of].)
    So I figured I’d just make a mess of things, throw a shrimp on the barbie, light up a storm, call the whole thing off, and take the cake on my way out the trap door. It’s been more fun that way for me, at least.

    • veryverygaming

      Ha ha, I’m glad I’m not the only one! I like your way of looking at things. It’s kind of crappy having a blog and having nowhere to advertise or publicise – search engines are a harsh environment to find and build up an audience. I guess that’s what comments on other blogs are all about, huh?

      Plus have you seen the sort of stuff that goes viral? I’ve seen Huffington Post and it’ll make your face bleed. Not always, but most of the time it’s the bottom-feeder controversial-angling stuff: “Why I hate married couples”, “10 reasons to be grateful you’re single”, “15.2 ways on how to embrace your inner child” and what not. Brain injury notwithstanding, I’m not really interested in writing that sort of thing 😛

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