Very Very Gaming Show – Episode 1

*Exciting fanfare plays* Very Very Gaming is proud to present… the Very Very Gaming Show! Listener (singular), do go easy on the Very Very Gaming Show. It’s our first ever podcast, so have a heart. This has been in the pipeline for a good long while now, so it’s great to finally be able to release an actual episode, although I can’t speak for the quality of said episode – that is for you, the listener (I hope), to decide.  The plan right now is to record and release a new episode of around an hour’s length, every two weeks. No promises, this is all provisional, could turn out to be a total flop, etc etc. But you never know till you try and we want to make a serious go of this and see where this takes us…

Have no fear though, I’m going to continue publishing old-fashioned (dare I say retro?) text and images for the blog as usual. Why a podcast then? Well, it seemed the ideal way to discuss some of the games we’ve been playing that I have neither the patience nor desire to write about. Not only that, but I’d really like the podcast to be a way of interacting with other blogs dedicated to videogames and creating (with any luck) interesting, exciting conversations with those same blogs and bloggers. That’s why the second segment of each show will be dedicated to engaging with the topics/videogames brought up on blogs I visit and read regularly. I hope it will help to create a stronger sense of community, because there are a ton of blogs out there with great content, and any number of comments and blogrolls can’t do justice to that.

That’s enough blathering, let’s get on with the show!


Episode 1: Donkey Kong Taught You How to Live Life 


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For our first episode we (that is Adrian and Maya) kick off with Dragon Quest – the excellent Dragon Quest VIII to be specific. Positive impressions and comparisons with Persona 4 follow, but which game will impress Maya? (Hint: it’s a win for the prettier, traditional-er RPG.) I then explore my angst-ridden, rollercoaster ride of a relationship with Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii. Where do broken hearts go / Can they find their way home?

After a break we start our community-building segment by talking about one of our favourite blogs, Game, Complain, Repeat. Although I fear we may have unintentionally sabotaged the community I hoped to build, with my dramatic reading of aforementioned blog’s remarkably poetic piece on videogame nostalgia.

Next up we briefly discuss racism via a piece by Sidney on about being black and a gamer, and finally, following a technical blunder which meant we had to record a new ending to the show one week later, we close the first episode with a stat-filled article on women in gaming on HuffPostUK and offer some brief thoughts on women in gaming.

And that’s the end of the show. And there are no imitations of the Dragon Quest VIII characters after the end music, in case you were wondering. Thank you.

Music in the show (with the exception of J. S. Bach, obviously) comes by way of our friends Casino Zone, they’re an excellent band and you can download their music from their Bandcamp website, I highly recommend you check it out.

Any listeners with comments and/or feedback on the show, it’d be great to hear from you via the comment box below – we’d really appreciate it and it would help us shape the show and improve it as best we can.


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