Very Very Gaming Show – Episode 2

We’re back in business – and this time it’s personal. Contra: Shattered Soldier is first on the menu this week, followed by Maya’s new addiction, Civilization II (the PS1 port!). The entire conversation pretty much goes as you’d expect: masochist loves sadistic game, perfectionist-completionist loves controlling the annals of time.

After the break we tackle some community business. We start with rage. Sony!!!! And the blog Why Didn’t I Complete It? is completely to blame for exposing Sony’s ruthless memory card pricing, which develops into a brief history of memory cards. Next on the menu: Japanese vocaloid all-round weirdness, courtesy of one of my favourite blogs, Reset Tears.

And last but not least – we deliver a retrospective of Kenji Eno’s career and and a detailed look at probably his best known title, D, described in Cultural Fragments’ review as ‘a must-play game that also happens to be terrible’. A 3DO, Saturn and PS1 release from 1995/6, D haunts us while making us laugh. In this segment we discuss everything from Eno’s career as a videogame industry bad-boy to the lack of a waist on Laura, D’s “digital actress” protagonist. And did I mention Laura is a cannibal?! Spoilers!

We’re looking for feedback on this episode, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please drop us a comment!

Episode 2: Double on D 

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  1. Reset Tears

    Nice podcast! It’s always fun to hear about what games everyone’s playing. I had a roommate who was into the Civ games, and I can vouch for it being an addicting experience! Perhaps for the best my laptop probably can’t handle them. (Or at least, the latest entries.)
    Vocaloid is an interesting thing! I think it’s actually not too peculiar of a development though in light of the digitalization trend that’s affected everything in general. Most of our entertainment is digital nowadays: music downloaded to iPods, streaming TV shows and a billion Youtube clips on computers, literature on e-readers, and of course there’s video games too (and not just for “gamers,” but everyone–SEE: Angry Birds, Flappy Birds, Birds Birds, Farmville, Bejewled Crush Saga, Fake Scrabble, and the thousand free MMOs that have enslaved every teen with a computer in all the world’s developing nations). In this setting, several digital powers in Japan helped form the environment that made Vocaloid the phenomenon it is today: art-sharing sites like Pixiv, video-sharing sites like Youtube, sites of trendy discourse like 2chan, and of course music sites, blogging, social media, message boards, etc etc. And if talking about the music itself, really Vocaloids are just an extension of the digitally-crafted music trend. Electronica and techno has been around for some time now (leading all the way up to the horror and the glory that is dubstep), and there’s hardly anything on the radio at all anymore that isn’t tune-shifted and spit-shined by a bunch of computers. Certainly arguable whether any of this is good or not, but I’m pretty sure this is what the future holds.

    • veryverygaming

      Thanks for your comment and the positive feedback. I did some more reading up on Vocaloid after your comment and I agree with you entirely, it’s not really peculiar at all. Also, although we didn’t talk about it on the show, we really enjoyed the music videos you had in your post. And I think we both appreciate and admire the creativity and sheer effort it shows on the part of fans. Really I think the cynicism (if that’s what our tone was… it’s been a while since we recorded 😛 ) was just about that concert video and the slight creepiness of it all. It was strange that the emphasis was entirely on the female character – there were no background images or anything, and the musicians were literally out of the spotlight.

  2. whydidnticompleteit

    Hi guys. Thanks for mentioning my blog. Unfortunately you may have picked the wrong time to follow it as I went and had a baby. I’m sure I’ll pick it up again when the gaming commences.
    If you ever need someone to represent a vita on the podcast, let me know.

    • veryverygaming

      No problem, and congrats on fatherhood! Achievement unlocked. Bad timing on my part perhaps but I’m looking forward to your (spectacular, no doubt) return to the blogosphere. We’d like to have guests on the podcast at some point, it might even motivate us to record episodes more regularly…

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