Video Game Market – Retro Collect event, March 2014 (Leeds)

This post has been far too long coming. Retro Collect’s Video Game Market in Leeds was what it called itself on the tin – retro games and systems in gathered in abundance for sale in the basement (where else?) of Leeds Town Hall. It was my first time attending an event like this, focused on retro videogames exclusively, and judging by the enormous queues outside it was a genuinely exciting novelty for many other people too.

The market opened at 10am, so we arrived by train from London at 10:30, assuming that we’d be able to walk straight in, and that the majority of people would show up later in the day. Oh, how very wrong we were.

Definitely wrong about that.

All of these people, it turns out, were queuing to sign a letter to inform me how wrong I was.

Thankfully the wait wasn’t too long, although it was pretty demoralising to get inside the town hall only to find that the queue kept on going.


Eventually, we made it to the head of the queue, only to be flung in with this lot:


Welcome to the moshpit.

Not the most comfortable experience I’ve had, but hey. After an hour looking round in the crush, we left and returned again in the afternoon. There was no queue then, and it was a far more relaxing experience. Enough bitching then, let’s look at some of the cool stuff on offer that stood out to me.

Neo Geo...

Sega Mega-CD consoles (far left), Neo Geo MVS carts (left), import Super Famicom (right), Famicom(below)…I think I’m in heaven.


I used to have that black and red joystick at the bottom for Amiga. Hated those things – the suction pads on the bottom would always give out. Doubt you’d have that problem with the Dreamcast arcade stick…


Hey, and there’s the trusty old Amiga! (I had that black and yellow joystick too – even worse than the red and black one…)

Get ready for the jamma.

Get ready for eye strain.


Just ignore that emulator notice and look at the pretty Super Famicom boxes. Are there any games in here that aren’t sports games…?!

Custom! ("Not for sale.")

Custom! (“Not for sale.”)

These ones were for sale.

Don’t know how I managed to mess the focus up so badly here – perhaps because these custom Gameboy cases were for sale.

And that’s about it. There was of course plenty more that I did not photograph, but these were the things that seemed to me to be the most photogenic. Most of the stalls were mishmashes of retro and more recent stuff, so by the end of the day I had picked up a variety of PAL PS1/2 and import Saturn games.

Before I list my load, here’re some parting shots! It was a really good day overall (despite my whingeing), and Leeds turned out to be a great city to visit.


Fez alert!

A suitable home for retro games. Who woulda thunk it?

Leeds Town Hall – a suitable home for retro games. Who’da thunk it?

Bye bye Leeds...

Back to London we go – bye bye Leeds…when will I see you again?

Oh...maybe it's not goodbye after all!

Oh…maybe it’s not a final goodbye after all!

The final haul runs as follows:

Saturn: Tama (see post), Dragon Force, Heisei Tensai Bakabon Susume! Bakabons, Street Racer (PAL, see post), Steamgear Mash. Backup memory cart (hear rant) and Japanese Model 2 controller (loving it).

PS2: Space Channel 5, Contra: Shattered Soldier (hear rave review), Pandemonium (PS1)

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