Super special R-Type Delta (PS1) giveaway!

Hello readers, and happy new year! Welcome to our first game giveaway and, although we came up with the idea of having a giveaway on the blog what seems like an age ago, it wasn’t until very recently that the question of how we could do it was finally solved. To win a copy of R-Type Delta on PS1 all we ask is that you read on and comment on this post. In brief: we are planning on mailing, yes, posting, physical copies of this PS1 game, strange and old-hat as it sounds in these days of Steam, PSN, online gifting, voucher codes and whatnot. Of course, being based in the UK we have the PAL release, so it won’t work on American/Japanese Playstations. We will post anywhere though, UK, international, you name it.

r-type delta 2

It’s a promo copy which means it’s the complete game, albeit in a slimline case, with no manual. It does have a cover and spine which will fit in a chunky PS1 game case if you happen to have a spare.

So how can you win a copy of R-Type Delta? It’s very simple. We just want you to try swapping out any word or words in a videogame’s title for the word “boob”, and post it in the comment section below. The people who can make us laugh with their invented titles will win a copy. Yes, it’s totally crass. Probably sexist. But I have to admit it amuses us to no end. Here are a few examples we came up with ourselves that made us giggle, so you get the picture just how puerile we are here at Very Very Gaming:

  • Prince of Persia: The Boob Within (PoP: The Warrior Within)
  • Silent Boob (Silent Hill)
  • Legend of Zelda: Skyward Boob (LoZ: Skyward Sword)
  • Shadow of the Boob (Shadow of the Colossus)
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Boob Eater (MGS3: Snake Eater)

Feel free to be creative with it and incorporate “boob” within other words (XenoBoob, Boobastic, etc), make use of the plural form, boobs (Boobs into Dreams), or whatever you like. The more absurd the better, so give it a try. Also do include multiple titles in a single comment – it’ll up your chances of hitting upon a winner.

We will email you if you win. So if you have a WordPress account we’ll email the address connected to that account, and if you’re a non-WordPress user you have to provide an email address to comment – that’s the email address we’ll use to contact you on, so be warned and make sure it’s a real/up-to-date address. Don’t write your email address in the comment itself. We can see the email address you enter at our end without opening you up to spam.

I hope there will be some interest in this since, thankfully, we are at least giving away a very good, and reasonably rare game in R-Type Delta. I got really into this game a while back, not that you’d know since I haven’t previously written/talked about it on the blog. I’ve nearly finished a review of the game for Stefan Grasso’s reviews blog however to coincide with the contest, so when that is done I’ll link to it here for my thoughts. Suffice to say for now, difficulty be damned, Delta is a real treat of a game and a doggedly old-school shooter.

So that’s R-Type Delta covered, now who’s up for bad boob/videogame jokes below in order to win a free game?! (Or… more R-Type discussion I suppose, if you insist…)


  1. Sir Gaulian

    How immature that i laughed reading this on the busn this morning…

    Of course Metal Boobs Solid goes hand in hand with having a Solid Snake and a Big Boss. And when they get a bit old, get a makeover to end up with Metal Boobs Rising.

    Just watch out for anything named Sid Meier’s Boobs. Thats a real turn off.

    And last but not least, for the conservative in all of us there’s always Need for Boobs: Undercover.

    Cant wait to read more 🙂

    • veryverygaming

      Brilliant stuff. Got me thinking on some more… seems perverse that a game like Billy Hatcher and the Giant Boob could be deemed child-friendly. And there was that other cartoony one too, Gregory Boob Show. Finally, there’s a hentai begging to be made with a title like Boob Mansion: Day of the Tentacle.

    • veryverygaming

      Yours had us giggling for ages btw, especially Need for Boobs: Undercover! I wish I’d come up with that Sid Meier one too 😀

      I’d probably best stop participating in my own contest, I’m hogging potential winning names here unfairly (well I liked them anyway!). I’ll need to get on with reading that fine novel by Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Boobs 😛

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  3. Jesse

    The last of boobs
    Super Mario boobs 2
    Super boob galaxy
    Half-boob 2
    Call of booby
    World of boobcraft
    Rock boob
    Tony hawks pro boobs
    Uncharted 2:among boobs
    Legend pf zelda: a boob to the past
    Lara croft: boob raider
    Dungeons & boobies
    Call of duty: boob ops

    • veryverygaming

      Thank you Jesse! Really good stuff, my favourite is Uncharted – wish I’d come up with that. Also Half-Boob 2, bizarre image much? Look for an email in your inbox from me soon about R-Type Delta!

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