Very Very Gaming Show – Episode 7

New format. Short show (20 mins). Short description of show (51 words). Is Molyneux a pathological liar? I am a pathological liar. Paradox? We discuss Peter Molyneux interview with Rock Paper Shotgun. Peter Molyneux new Britney Spears (public meltdown), John Walker new Jeremy Paxman (aggressive interviewer). Are you calling me a liar?

Episode 7: Paxman and Britney

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  1. cary

    I like the shorter show format. With less free time, I’ve been getting more into shorter podcasts generally. Means less planning on my part since I don’t have to “schedule” an hour or two to listen. 🙂

    I have to agree that the RPS Molyneaux interview made me feel strangely sympathetic for the guy. It really did seem like the interviewer was out to break him. Sad though it may have seemed, it was probably necessary in some sense. (If the interview had been of a politician or CEO, no one would have batted an eyelash at its harsh tone.) With money seemingly flying all around the game industry these days, someone’s gotta ask “where is it all going?”

    • veryverygaming

      Thanks for the feedback on the new format, very glad you enjoyed it! It’s definitely something we want to continue with – it’s so much quicker and easier to edit than a 1 hour+ show. Listening back it’s obvious we’re also very conflicted on the interview – it’s fine, but then again, but wait no it is OK, but what about… I guess I stand by what I said which if I were a backer on Kickstarter I’d probably want something like that to hold Molyneux and co. at least somewhat accountable.

      Also, unfortunately I hadn’t got this before we recorded, but there was an interview in this month’s Retro Gamer magazine with Mark Healey, someone who worked with Molyneux for many years. It’s a good interview, a KIND interview, and it gives some insight into Molyneux. For instance Molyneux would apparently use press interviews to motivate the dev team: he’d promise stuff to the press that wasn’t planned to be in the game to force the dev team to work towards whatever he’d said. You can imagine how that might be exciting and an effective incentive at times and absolutely infuriating at others…

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