Weird Video Wednesday: Wild Woody (Sega CD)

I’m not typically a fan of blogs that put out content that isn’t original – round-ups of other content, reposting news, etc. But I decided to make an exception for myself here, partly to help expand our output on Very Very Gaming a bit but also because in the course of the past decade with the rise of Youtube and our own interests in games reaching fever pitch, we’ve come across a fair few gaming-related vids that we find funny, entertaining, weird or interesting. And this blog is the obvious place to share those. So every Wednesday, as the title suggests, we’ll post a gaming video that fulfills the criteria of “weird”.

To kick off Weird Video Wednesday, I want to spotlight a bizarre Sega CD game called Wild Woody, developed by Sega. This is a traditional 2D platformer in which you play as the titular Woody, a real “wild” guy who happens to be a pencil. Outstanding features are the terrible, terrible cutscenes, repetitive music, and best of all, a central mechanic of rubbing (or erasing) enemies and platforms to progress. So you might call this a game essentially about rubbing one out. [EDIT: Sorry, the original video is down so I replaced it with a gameplay-only video. Do check out those cutscenes!]

And as a bonus – we all lose with a bonus like this – there is a weird as hell and highly inappropriate (i.e. not safe for work) easter egg in Wild Woody. Despite clearly being a child-targeted game, Wild Woody features a topless mermaid which can be unlocked in the game through a specific method. So without further ado, here is Sega at its sexiest…


  1. moresleepneeded

    I have not heard of this game. It seems like a very strange game, considering Sega was well known for making family-friendly games. This game actually seems to be designed for a slightly older audience than other Sega games, with slightly more adult material and a more anarchic main character (even though Sonic was always described as having attitude and would use rock-like music in later games). There was probably some concern about the shape of the character and the way he defeats enemies (basically shaking his backside on them). He also looks a little threatening on the title screen.
    I am not aware of many Sega CD games, so it was interesting to see one of them. I am aware that other Sega games released the same year as this were not considered highly.

    • veryverygaming

      Wild Woody is a bizarre mascot if I’ve ever seen one, and no wonder he didn’t take off the way Sonic, Mario and Rayman did. Bubsy and Zool make more sense than this atrocity. Wild Woody seems very tongue in cheek, too much of a joke really. For some reason it reminds me of a TV show like Rocko’s Modern Life, with lots of adult references that go over the head of kids. Problem is in the case of Wild Woody the entire character is an adult reference and the grown-up jokes (Wild Woody = raging erection/rubbing out enemies = rubbing one out) seemed to take priority over the appeal to kids!

    • veryverygaming

      Ha ha, it’s awesome. A crime against humanity, sure, but awesome anyway. Reminds me of something like the “excuuuuse me, Princess” catchphrase from the Zelda cartoon: makes you cringe, then makes you demand to know why it happened… then finally comes the laughter.

  2. Chancellor of Cheese Fries

    I can’t believe I actually thought about purchasing this game
    And then I saw the price tag…………………no thank you
    this game is so expensive, and apparently because of the “popularity” of the topless mermaid
    And, for being released “late” on the Sega CD, one of my all-time favorite excuses for price gouging old games : (

    Still, I would like to have it one day, some day….
    I love weird games 🙂

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