Weird Video Wednesday: Chris Crawford tames the dragon

A bit of history today. The annual Game Developer Conference, or GDC for short, has become a pretty big event in the gaming calendar. As proof of that fact, you might recall a few years ago, when Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s late president, gave the keynote. Today’s video is from GDC 1993, and features the founder of GDC, a man named Chris Crawford.

Aside from the novelty/hilarity of watching an oddly dressed, grown man chase an invisible dragon out of the room in front of hundreds of people, Crawford also delivers what is a thought-provoking speech in its own right. It conveys the passion Crawford has for games, and is quite inspirational!

Crawford made several computer games in his career and wrote an influential book on game design, none of which I had heard of prior to watching this video. In all honesty, this video doesn’t have a lot to do with games. It’s an audiovisual document which explains the reasoning behind Crawford’s decision to leave the games industry that he contributed to in its formative years. Far from a dry account of the reasons why, Crawford famously concluded his final GDC speech and resigned from the industry by yelling at an imaginary dragon before charging out of the room. Unconventional, but pretty damn bold.


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