Weird Video Wednesday: Bob’s Game (?)

On the internet, things can be confusing. Bob’s Game, the much-hyped, unreleased homebrew game for the DS is a prime example of this – what the hell is it? Who is Robert Pelloni, aka Bob? Check out this video below from Bob’s very own Youtube channel and see if you’re any the wiser; I know I’m not. But regardless of what you do or do not learn from this video, you will at the very least discover those same qualities that made this quirky looking RPG an online sensation in the first place: masses of time and effort put into a pet project, and delusions of grandeur and self-importance. This video describes the journey of Bob’s Game in the most paranoid terms possible, then tops it all off with… ha ha?? It’s a joke – and the joke’s on us -er, wait, Yuu…

Watch. Please, watch, then explain it to me. I just can’t- it makes no sense. No sense. What kind of a joke is this? Who on earth thought this was a good idea?! “I’m Bob, an independent indie developer with no clout or experience in the games industry. I know, let’s create a fake, viral marketing campaign dedicated to smearing Nintendo, the company I’m currently begging to publish my videogame”. WTF?

That really ought to be the end of the story, right there, just one big WTF. Let’s chalk it up to a hoax, big mistake on Bob’s part. No more hunger strikes, no more ridiculous “assaults” on retail shops – everyone can relax and get on with their lives. But no, according to the bizarre Wikipedia entry which chronicles the entire Bob’s Game debacle, Bob’s still got an axe to grind. Would you believe it, Bob claimed in a recent interview that his viral marketing tricks are “the mark of somebody who deserves to be a part of the game industry”? Let’s throw it out there: does anyone think this video is the mark of somebody who deserves to be a part of the games industry?

At the very least, I’ve learned you can’t get Weirder on a Wednesday than with Bob’s Game.


  1. moresleepneeded

    I have not heard of this game before. It seems like the developer created a game which he tried to sell to Nintendo, but was refused. Following this meeting, he returned and typed an angry letter he wanted to post online or something about his hatred for the company. Later, it seems like he re-read his letter and decided to make it into a joke, with videos satirising his own anger at Nintendo and inside jokes. Was the game actually released? Or did he make fake packaging for the DS?

    • veryverygaming

      The game was never released in full, just a few demos online. The DS style packaging is home made. The sad thing is it could probably be released now (there’ve been several indie games on the Wii U and 3DS made by only one person), but I doubt it will ever happen given Robert’s notoriety.

  2. themancalledscott

    After reading the wikipedia article, I can say that this fellow just sounds petty and childish, and frankly, bizarre (not to mention undeservedly arrogant). I hope his game never does get made (not that it sounds likely that it ever would.

    • veryverygaming

      It’s like I said – you can’t get weirder on a Wednesday than with Bob’s Game! Petty, childish, bizarre, arrogant; all excellent terms to describe Bob. Another one of those nuggets from the Wikipedia entry is this thing about him being approached by several third party publishers interested in publishing his game (I presume for DS) – and then turning them all down. Because his game is SO GOOD he needs Nintendo to publish it, almost as a form of apology to him for rejecting him in the first place?! Anyway, with that attitude, it pretty much guarantees that the game will never be released outside of homebrew, even with the indie scene being more relaxed these days.

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