VVG Show 14 – Operation Rainfall, Pandora’s Tower

Adrian and Maya return to the world of Operation Rainfall in this short episode. And yes, you can chalk the speedy discussion up to Maya, who takes a turn as host for the first time. This time around it’s Pandora’s Tower, a dungeon crawler for Wii sporting everyone’s favourites: anime protagonists, big chains, gross displays of flesh-eating, giant bosses, and dating sim elements! Interesting? That’s an understatement. Like our The Last Story episode, expect a few minor spoilers but nothing major.

Next episode is the conclusion of the Operation Rainfall series, with a special show dedicated entirely to Xenoblade Chronicles – as if we hadn’t done this game to death already! My predictions are heaps of praise, followed by impressions of the characters’ voices, lots of impressions. Right now you’re thinking, “man, what a bunch of jokers!“, but regardless, if we are really feeling it in that moment then there’ll be no choice other than to press on, and on, and on.

Episode 14: Operation Rainfall, Pandora’s Tower

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