Weird Video Wednesday: “2V – that’s the highest you can get”

Things have been quieter than usual on the blog front this week, but there’s a genuine excuse this time: a cat. A new addition to the Very Very Gaming household! Now I have to think of some hilarious way of making her interact with all the lightgun and Gamecube bongo accessories I have lying around the place and film it so that this blog can hit the big time. Oh yes, sorry, it’s supposed to be Weird Video Wednesday, not Weird Report on my Life Wednesday (although I should keep that idea for after all the weird videos out there have been exhausted).

Ulillillia. The topic of this week’s post, ulillillia takes fanboyism to new heights. Pretty much all of his videos are odd but the obsession with Bubsy 3D on display in this video is particularly startling.

The first thing to say that is Bubsy itself looks absolutely horrendous, the environments especially. Why would someone play this game for a reported near-500 hours like ulillillia? Who can say. But, as well as gently mocking this video for its creator’s insane dedication to Bubsy 3D, there’s an element of recognition and perhaps even some admiration for the meta-game around trying to reach the highest spot in the level and being able to track that height. Not that I identify with ulillillia exactly (I’m not big on Bubsy the way he is) but this is someone who has unleashed their inner nerd in a way I could only dream of. I could only dream to be so nerdy. But if I ever did I would definitely write it down, and possibly post it online for all to see.



  1. cary

    Oh, a kitty! May we see your new pride and joy someday? As a long-time cat owner, I’m always pleased to see other join our ranks. May she somehow become and Internet sensation. 😀 (Ours is still waiting for the call. If “cats doing nothing” was an online thing, our guy would be tops.)

    • veryverygaming

      Cats do love to do nothing, don’t they?! With any luck this pic’ll show up… if not see our front page for a slightly different take on the unnamed kitty. This is my first cat (first real pet actually) so it’s been a little daunting but getting used to it now and she’s settling in well.

      • cary

        She’s utterly precious! I adore her white whiskers and toes, especially. Glad to know she’s slowly taking to being part of your family.

  2. moresleepneeded

    I have not heard of this game. I thought the graphics had a strange charm, it reminds me of when graphics were celebrated for being 3D rather than realistic. I agree the environments do look weird, like when kids have to draw a picture using old drawing software and decide that a box-like balloon looks close enough to a sphere to allow them to continue to draw something else. I do find it interesting when gamers seem to become obsessed with less well-known games. I remember a YouTube channel which only had videos of someone playing Command & Conquer: Red Alert. I have also spent a lot of time playing a game which is not considered a great game. When I was younger, I enjoyed playing a game called Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, while I did not reach 500 hours, I did find all the secrets and play it when I had nothing to do (despite owning better games).
    Congratulations on the cat. How is she?

    • veryverygaming

      I know what you mean actually, the abstract style is kind of nice. The sound effects not so much. And of course I’ve invested a ton of time too into bad or average games – I beat Donkey Kong 64. Before that I grew up on Commodore Amiga and played all kinds of random stuff, including spending hours exploring in a first person game with nothing living or moving in it. It was just a tech demo but I spent forever searching it looking for things to interact with in it. The cat is doing well thanks! She’s sweet and a bit dumb, especially when she gets overexcited!

      • moresleepneeded

        I also completed Donkey Kong 64 and do not really know why people do not like it. I found it light-hearted and cartoonlike, with interesting levels and ideas. Why do people not like that game?

        • veryverygaming

          I can’t speak for other people really, I just know within half an hour of playing the game I’d already decided it wasn’t for me. My brother enjoyed it plenty though. The best part was running around on Lanky’s hands, that I enjoyed. There are plenty of other, worse games I invested a lot of time into, but I remember DK64 well because it was so expensive at the time.

  3. Red Metal

    I could barely entertain the idea of spending 500 hours on one of my 10/10 games let alone one as abysmal as Bubsy 3D. It’s pretty disconcerting, isn’t it?

    Congrats on getting your first cat!

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