Weird Video Wednesday: Duke Nukem in the Penthouse suite

I’m a day late, if anyone cares (no one does). My apologies – let’s hope this week’s video is weird enough to compensate! And I know I always say this – I have to really, don’t I – but this one is plain weird. A sad, tragic kind of weird really. Duke Nukem, king of all that is puerile and over the top, crossed a line with this NSFW Duke Nukem 3D expansion back in the mid-nineties.

Duke Nukem’s Penthouse Paradise represents a partnership between Duke Nukem (and more relevantly, the developer/publisher GT Interactive) and the pornographers over at Penthouse magazine. Together, they produced this bizarre pixellated mash-up of naked ladies and armoured aliens, complete with a big bad alien boss at the end of it.

There’s not a whole lot else to say about this oddity, except that it reminds me of experiences playing the original Counter-Strike when players created and sprayed their own custom “tags” in the maps. With the freedom to insert any image of the player’s choice, you can imagine there were a share of dodgy ones. Like the sprites in Duke Nukem 3D, the tags in Counter-Strike were strictly limited to a small number of pixels, making for some very blurry renditions of human private parts. At least in Counter-Strike there was some potential tactical utility to this: if an enemy player happened across the tag, they might be temporarily distracted by it and meet their demise as a result. A stretch, maybe, but I’m looking for a silver lining here! Unfortunately I am unable to identify one with Duke Nukem’s Penthouse Paradise.


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  1. moresleepneeded

    I have not played this game. I liked the mid-nineties elements, graphics which look quite good (until the player realises the 3D objects stay the same regardless of angle viewed), mostly subdued colours and impractical environments (such as the crate-size dressing table, baths that the player can swim in and a hotel which cannot be accessed normally). I like the random interactivity, such as using the water fountain, and was impressed the mirrors reflected well. I like the way the pornography is also out of place, with photos present among non-photo quality environments.
    What was Duke Nukem? I thought it was supposed to be a bit of a spoof. What was Counter Strike? How did the tags appear in the game? It was interesting to read about a magazine working in combination with a game company.

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