Weird Video Wednesday: Que Pasa Neng! El Videojuego

So recently I was investigating rare/expensive PS2 games (as you do) and I happened across an eBay auction advertising a rare PS2 game, the first and only Spain exclusive game on the system. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the boxart.!que pasa neng! the videogame cover

Well, that’s not something you see everyday. Que Pasa Neng! El Videojuego translates roughly as What’s Up Neng! The Videogame, Neng being the name of the character on the cover. This week’s weird video, returning after a short hiatus (i.e. I forgot it was Wednesday) is gameplay footage from this rather unusual game.

You can rest easy – this is satire, thank God, in the vein of Ali G. And, surprisingly perhaps, the game looks fun! I don’t know what is going on exactly: first you’re tasked with a Tetris challenge to stuff people in a car? Then you have to… catch and eat flies – or are you spitting them out? I can’t even tell. It’s all very random and Incredible Crisis-esque.


  1. moresleepneeded

    This is a strange game. I suppose it is expensive because it is so hard to find. I think I remember there were a few novelty games released on the PlayStation 2, games that were released as a computer game of a popular TV series and used a simple gameplay (such as the X Factor game or a game based on the Olympics). There is something weird about games which use photos and videos, rather than relying on computer graphics, it makes it look like the developers were unable to create digital versions of the characters and action and had to rely on film footage. It was interesting to see a 3D Tetris.
    What is happening in the second game? It looks like the player has to press the correct button to collect disks and make the opponent to faint.

    • veryverygaming

      On PS2 especially there’s all kinds of crazy stuff – in the UK (and I presume the UK only!) there’s a Fame Academy game based on the TV show, for instance… And yeah, I 100% agree on the use of clips from the show, it’s very weird and unlike what we’re used to in games. The video segments in this Neng game especially are SO long!

      The minigames are all pretty confusing to look at. I’m not sure about the game you mentioned, the one that baffles me is the one with the flies. Is he spitting them out or eating them?

      • visagedepenguin

        The fly game idea is that as his head is doing his stereotypical chicken dance, you’re trying to aim his nose at the flies to squish them. At least that’s what I got from it when watching the gameplay video on Youtube, just before finding your blog when looking for more info on who/what Neng was! I guessed it was an Ali G/Kevin and Perry style character of some sort but had to delve further down the rabbithole and try to find out more xD

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