Weird Video Wednesday: A feature-length Fallout 3 review…

Whoever heard of a 89 and a half minute long game review? Not me, and certainly not a review released three weeks ago whose subject matter is a seven-year-old game. Against my better judgment, I ended up watching this in its entirety. More surprising though than my own poor judgment (that’s not a secret to anyone at this point), is that the review itself, made by a guy in his garage, was really good! Comedy, drama, action, multiple philosophising robots… it’s all here in this tour de force of gaming criticism.

I have strong opinions about Fallout 3. In my opinion, it is a largely overrated, messy game with a few redeeming qualities. As Maya wrote in her post on race in Fallout 3, there’s a lot of wasted potential and loose ends in it. That’s what this review is largely about too, the wasted potential, especially in relation to the original two Fallout games (neither of which I’ve played outside of a brief demo, sadly). It’s not all bad news though – there’s redemption at the end. Perhaps one day I’ll try my hand at a feature-length video review, not of a game but of this very feature-length review? Let me know what you think.


  1. cary

    Considering that I’ve only played a handful of Fallout 4 and none of the other Fallout games, this was quite a bit much for me. And I think I may have fallen asleep somewhere in the middle. There are those with opinions, and those with too much time on their hands. Sometimes, there are one in the same methinks.

    • veryverygaming

      Wow, I wasn’t expecting anyone else to actually watch this! I know what you mean about the length, it’s extremely self-indulgent – even though I happen to agree with pretty much all of it. My distaste for Fallout 3 is strong and it makes for good rant material given its mediocrity combined with the extremely positive critical reception it got on release. But I don’t care to the point of writing/recording/editing an 89 minute long video essay! Maybe he should get a blog 😛

      How did it go with Fallout 4 by the way? I saw some negative things about it floating around the internet, but this is the home of floating negativity after all.

      • cary

        Ah, I only got about 15-20 hours into the game before, well…before placing the game on…extended leave? I was actually having good time with it, but I had other things to play and do, so it just kinda fell to the back burner. Maybe I’m not far enough into the game to dislike it yet, but I found it to be quite enjoyable, from the story to the gameplay. Maybe I’ll have more to report in another year or so when I finally get back to it, haha. 🙂

        • veryverygaming

          That happens a lot to us too. Enjoying a game, going well with it… and then just get distracted by something else. And especially with an RPG, it can be tough to return! Anyway if you do ever go back it’d be great to hear your thoughts on it. The trouble is this type of game requires so much investment! Then again I’m so inexperienced with Western RPGs they’re very daunting..

  2. Nick the Gent

    So… you won’t be buying Fallout 4 then?! I agree with a lot of what you said – while I’m amazed by the technical achievement, a lot of Fallout 3 left me cold, but that’s more my issue with the open world genre.

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