A brief life update

Emphasis on the brief, but it’s about time I shared the reason this blog has been somewhat quiet this past month or so, and it may continue for a while. I’m currently nearing the end of my PhD, with hopefully just a few short months to go before I finally submit. I’ve always worked to deadlines throughout the PhD, but being in the final stretch has meant being stricter than usual with my time so I can finish sooner rather than later – theses have a habit of stretching on and on if you let them.

I started this blog at almost the same time as my PhD, a (mostly) stress-free space where I could practice and develop mad writin’ skillz beyond the realm of academese. Of course my writing skills were and still are irredeemably poor, but the blog has served me well as far as stress relief goes. (It’s also been terrible in terms of procrastination, but that’s another story!)

What about going forward? Well, despite its beginnings as a PhD distracton, I hope to keep the blog alive long after the PhD is done and to post regularly in the meantime too; basically nothing will change. At least, that’s the plan! I just wanted to give an explanation for why I’ve posted less regularly recently, and if the trend of fewer posts continues then at least you’ll have an idea why. I’ll continue to cajole Maya into contributing posts during dry patches, and there are other goals too: more podcasts, reviving Weird Video Wednesday, so we’ll see how those pan out.

There's also my plan to monetise this blog... hang on, did I write that out loud? Pre-order your Best of Very Very Gaming 2018 today for 50% off!

There is also my plan to monetise the site. Pre-order today and get a whopping 50% off the best of Very Very Gaming content in 2019!

Whatever lies are in store, let me take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone who reads our blog. It’s a privilege to know and be part of such a passionate and vibrant community of videogame bloggers, and I’m eternally grateful to those who’ve read, shared and commented on Very Very Gaming these past three years. Responses and correspondence from readers is the most gratifying part of any form of writing, so thank you all again for making blogging so rewarding and fun!


    • veryverygaming

      Thanks Pine, the defence is a daunting thing but I reassure myself by thinking it’s mainly to check you didn’t plagiarise or get someone else to write the thesis for you 🙂

      • pine717

        That’s interesting to hear. I was under the impression that the defense in the UK was a much more strict examination than it is in other parts of the world. Here in the US, I know my defense was really very leisurely when compared to the oral and written qualifiers I had to take at the start of the program.

        • veryverygaming

          I see, well belated congrats on passing! Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part that the viva will be straightforward. The few people I’ve spoken to who had theirs recently found it OK, they helped put me at ease about it. Helps that I already know who two of the examiners are going to be and they’re very nice people!

  1. lightningnightnova

    A PhD is an amazing accomplishment and defintely something you should be proud of! Good luck.
    I think your mad writin’ skillz are awesome. I also use blogging as a way to relieve stress,

    • veryverygaming

      Thank you for the words of encouragement! I am proud… or rather I will be when it’s all over 😛 Blogging is weirdly therapeutic isn’t it? Especially when you have a set goal in mind, like with your site. It must feel like the gaming equivalent of dieting and tracking your weight changes!

    • veryverygaming

      Oh wow, best of luck! You’re so close, gosh. I’m aiming to submit mine around October-November time, finger’s crossed. It’s in cultural studies, studying the relationship between English literature and secularism. I’m guessing as a folklorist you have some thoughts on those topics! In fact didn’t you have a post a while back where you talked about how the absence of religion and religious traditions in the West is one explanation for a lack of imagination in modern horror? I thought it was a really interesting argument and definitely something I agree with 🙂

      • angryscholar

        Haha, thanks. I say “a matter of days” but I have a bad habit of postponing things. I really should have finished two years ago (or more). But it’s nearly there. One more push, maybe.

        I did my MA with a concentration in cultural studies. Your topic sounds pretty interesting!

        I don’t believe there’s actually a lack of belief traditions in the western world, but that perception does exist. Sabina Magliocco talks about it a bit in her book on neopagan groups in the US.

        A friend of mine has just done a paper exploring similar stuff in the context of gothic/weird lit–interesting stuff.

        • veryverygaming

          Oops, must’ve remembered wrong in that case! Thank you for the book recommendation, I’ll check that out, and best of luck for the final stretch. Just think what a relief it’ll be to finally finish. I know my thesis feels like a massive ball and chain most of the time and it’s exhausting to think about.

  2. moresleepneeded

    Good luck with your PhD. I have never thought your writing was bad. The posts were easy to read and the content was interesting. I look forward to new Weird Video Wednesdays. Would you also bring back Adventures in Lightgun Games?

    • veryverygaming

      I’m looking forward to more weird videos too, everytime I see something bizarre on YouTube I keep thinking “oh I must post that” so I’ve saved up several now. As for lightgun games, I do plan to continue with them. In fact you can expect a new post on that topic very soon, watch this space…

  3. hungrygoriya

    An early congratulations on your pending defence. I would wish you luck, but I’m sure you’ve got a great handle on your topic after years of working on it. It’ll go swimmingly with the end in sight. There’s no time better than crunch time to push you through those final steps.
    I also just wanted to say that I’m really happy you managed to find a healthy balance during grad school. When I was doing my Masters, I don’t feel like I had a good outlet that wasn’t related to what I was working on. I often feel like I missed out on everything I used to love in my self-made bubble. I’m happy to hear your blog will live on!

    • veryverygaming

      Thank you for the kind words, it gets tough sometimes to see the end but I’m extremely fortunate to have lots of help and support. I 100% know what you’re talking about with your Masters because I had a similar problem: I used to read a ton of books for fun but study sucked all the joy out and so I now rarely read anything for pleasure. Also a Masters is so intense (at least here in the UK where they are one year courses), it’s very different to a PhD where thankfully you can take your time and do other things more easily!

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