A “Yeah!” for Miiverse

It’s decided. My autobiography will be titled “Miiverse: The Road to Fame and Fortune”. I’m done with Facebook, not even tried Twitter. Miiverse, I now realise, is where it’s at (especially for closet nerds like myself). Terrible puns: hell yes. Stupid drawings: absolutely. Inane chat: more than likely. Overused memes: you bet. Everything we’ve come to expect from social media is on Miiverse, the only difference being that it revolves around gaming as a hobby. That and a conspicuous absence of internet bile. Add me!

Add me. Add me. Add me.

Add me. Add me. Add me.

I want to apologise for a long absence from the blog again. Partly, it’s because of my real life workload (as discussed here). But there’s also the fact that my social calendar is now full thanks to Miiverse. Which feels rather odd to say given my complete lack of interest in online gaming. It’s great that there’s an online service that accommodates singleplayer gaming – I can solo play without gaming alone! Instead those singleplayer experiences can be shared with likeminded individuals who also appreciate bad/dodgy jokes.

For those who do game more publically than I, it’s a way to stop spamming your friends/family on Facebook (who, as much as they love you, think you’re a bit old to be playing with “toys” ¬¬) and share sentiments with people who care about games. If you like the art/sketch side there are some real Picassos out there too! It’s really amazing what people are capable of doing with such a limited palate. The final big “Yeah!” for Miiverse, and there’s no way of getting around this: I love dobbing people in for posting explicit content. On Miiverse, it pays to be passionate about moderating.


Scanning brilliant drawing for dodgy content… none found :/

So yeah, Miiverse is awesome. And it’s just one part of a bigger picture too – the entire Wii U interface is a huge step beyond anything I’ve experienced on other consoles. It’s got all the user-friendliness and accessibility of the Wii, without feeling limited or gimped. With the exception of Alundra and a bit of Sega Saturn, I’ve been gaming exclusively on the Wii U, and the overall interface/Miiverse loveliness is the reason why. (I’m throwing shade on the PS3’s computer-like interface by the way, which pales in comparison…)

My only wish is that I was inflicting my crappy drawing skills on a truly global audience, and with only 13 million Wii Us out there it’s not nearly enough! (3DS is now connected to Miiverse which helps. Got to get an audience.) Miiverse was never a factor when I was considering getting a Wii U,  but it’s shaped up to be one of the coolest things about the system, games aside. Dare I say it: it’s one of Nintendo’s best ideas since… since… since I don’t know. In a long time.



  1. Athena | AmbiGaming

    Very cool! I’ve heard of this; I unfortunately don’t currently have a Wii U, but my friend loves the Miiverse and is always telling me to get a Wii U and join in the revelry. Penny by penny I’ll get there… 🙂

    Is the Wii U really that much better than the PS3? I haven’t really noticed a difference in quality of the interface, at least in comparison to the Wii, but again, I don’t have a Wii U to compare it to!

    • veryverygaming

      Aww, that’s nice. I’m sure Miiverse is more fun with people you know or are friends with offline. Even though in “real life” I don’t know anyone else who owns a Wii U, it’s been enjoyable enough interacting with randoms (and of course fellow blogger Wizard Dojo)!

      As for the interface, I don’t know – it might just be me? PS3 isn’t the worst, but 9 times out of 10 when I turn the console on, it’s to play the game on the disc inserted in the system, and so it goes… turn on system, wait, menu loads with accompanying generic violin noise, press left to the “game” section and scroll down past all the various PS1/PS2 folders to get to the disc. Then there’s usually a system and/or game update, which takes an age to download and install. The nice thing with the Wii U is that all updates are optional – you can play the game with an update for it downloading in the background, to be installed later. I also really like how the gamepad has a “quick start” menu that lets you start up a game directly before loading the main “home” screen, and without even having to turn on the TV. Anyway, sorry that was a long answer.

      • Athena | AmbiGaming

        I appreciate the answer! I see what you mean. The PS3 isn’t as…erm… visually enticing as the Wii and Wii U; I haven’t really found myself clicking around on the PS3 unless I needed something in particular, either.

        Sounds like they thought of a lot to make the console clean and user-friendly! Just like Nintendo 🙂

    • veryverygaming

      So Miiverse is very similar to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, only it’s centred entirely around games. Every game has its own page or community where people live comments or doodles, and those can be liked (or “yeahed” as Miiverse puts it) or ignored. You can follow people you like, add friends, etc.

      The cool thing with singleplayer games is that you can screenshot anything from almost any game, then post that screenshot on Miiverse with a caption (as I’ve done in some of the pics above), and other people can comment, share tips or whatever. So even singleplayer stuff can be shared in a kind of multiplayer experience.

      Finally, with moderating, it’s just fun. The other day I saw a doodle featuring “sweaty balls” and an image, I reported it as sexually explicit content, and then you have to enter what is sexually explicit… so I wrote “sweaty balls”. There’s just something fun about reporting that, partly because it’s genuinely quite rare to see rude things on Miiverse.

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