VVG Show Switch Special – Crazy for Loving You, Nintendo

After watching the big Nintendo Switch presentation this morning, we felt compelled to record a special one-off podcast to collect our initial thoughts and impressions. Not all went to plan – we had to record twice because it all got too much for some of us! Nevertheless, we hope you’ll enjoy the show. Let us know what you thought of the Switch – and whether you too had a breakdown…

Switch Special: Crazy for Loving You, Nintendo

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  1. Athena | AmbiGaming

    “Tentatively hopeful” best sums up my feelings toward the Switch. I’m interested in the tech, especially the fact that you can play without needing to watch a TV (aka, playing *with* another person in 1 2 Switch), but I’m holding off my wild enthusiasm until seeing some other titles. Fire Emblem, Splatoon, Mario, and Zelda will be heavy hitters, but I’m not sure if those are enough to move consoles… And poor Skyrim; how many more times will that game be remastered in order to sell consoles?

    And the Joy-Cons… *bangs head on desk* Cynical me wants to say that the whole ice-cube thing is not interesting at all, but Nintendo is innovating the tech quite a bit and that is quite exciting, actually. It doesn’t need to be powerful, since the Wii crushed the PS3 and Xbox 360, but I’m waiting to hear more about the games.

    Right now, I’m more likely to purchase a Wii U when the Switch drops, especially with the Zelda game being released on both consoles, but I’m definitely not giving up on the Switch!

    • veryverygaming

      Thank you for the comment! I understand why you’d feel more comfortable getting a Wii U considering it’s a known quantity. We’re looking forward to playing Breath of the Wild on it. I think we’re going to wait at least a year to see what games will be released on the Switch before making a decision. But at the same time I really want to see Nintendo suceed…if it doesn’t it could be the last home console they ever make and that would be such a shame -_-

      Another issue is that we have a CRT TV because we play so many older games, and so Adrian is in a tizzy at the moment on whether we should get a HD TV. To rephrase Notorious BIG: Mo modern games Mo problems…

      • Athena | AmbiGaming

        Yeah, part of me wants to get a Switch to support Nintendo, and because despite it’s lacking game lineup I do think it’s going to be a solid console.

        And I completely get you regarding TVs. I have a CRT TV with one coaxial input and I definitely have a Wii, a PS3, a PS4, and an N64 all hooked up to it, so I can send you information on my crazy set-up if you don’t want to purchase a new TV at the moment…

        Haha I like that: mo modern games, mo problems. So true!

  2. Prince

    That was nice to listen to. I am with Maya in that the negativity is a little bit sad, but maybe that is because Maya is so cheerful in contrast. Or maybe it is because Adrian sounds like somebody I know.
    Personally I’m looking forward to seeing what happens, though the shockingly high current prices of games and accessories leaves me hoping they are only temporary. I don’t hugely mind the lack of launch day games as first year Mario and Zelda is more than anyone could ask for (well, not counting Metroid…)
    Anyway thanks for the episode!

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