BoWlog #1: naked vegan runs and blue semen?!

We’re going to be documenting our playthrough of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Wii U, basically because it’s been the most anticipated game in our home ever! Usually we’re cheapskates, waiting many months or years, deliberating and weighing up pros and cons, whether the time investment will be worth it. This is extremely rare, for us to get a game day-one, so why not try something new blog-wise to accompany it?


The sight that greets you at the very start of this game. Not bad!

So, we’re off to a good start because Breath of the Wild’s opening hours are the most dynamic and interesting of any Zelda game in years. The lack of hand holding is a wonderful change from the dire first few hours of a game like Twilight Princess. There is a sense of wonder, openness and adventure, yet simplicity reminscient of the first time you encounter Hyrule Field in Ocarina. High praise indeed. In my first session alone, I obtained many, if not all of Link’s major abilities, encountered a surprise boss, obtained a paraglide and used it to glide down a steep cliff, nabbed a wild horse, and ended the session in Kakariko Village…

From this hefty first session it’s obvious that Breath of the Wild owes a great many debts to several other modern games: Shadow of the Colossus for its grand scale, Dark Souls for its freeform structure and lack of handholding, and Xenoblade Chronicles X, because they share the same engine! Despite these borrowings, Breath of the Wild still feels uniquely “Zelda”, just freed from many of the series’ conventions.

Trawling through the forums I’ve seen people already planning their naked vegan runs (you can choose your clothing/armour in this game, and likewise food is used to recover health). I’m unlikely to be partaking in anything too crazy first time through, if only because Breath of the Wild actually appears to be a decently challenging game thus far.


Every time Link gets a new power, you see this. If anyone reading this is a fan of the podcast, My Dad Wrote a Porno, this might seem familiar 😉


  1. LightningEllen

    I’ll just say I giggled a lot when I started getting the runes for Link’s tablet. I’m so glad I’m not the only one with my mind in the gutter, haha. I hope you keep having fun in Hyrule! I know I sure will be 🙂

  2. moresleepneeded

    I have not played this game. That opening scene looks very dramatic. How does this game fit into the Legend of Zelda series? Is that blue liquid dripping from the stone in the bottom picture?

    • veryverygaming

      BotW is a big shake up for the Zelda series in some ways, and in other ways it fits right in. I’ve read a lot of people comparing this game to the original Zelda on NES – I’ve not played that game enough to say, but it reminds me most of Ocarina of Time (although there are references to other entries in the series too). I’ve complained a lot about recent Zelda games for their pacing or overcomplicated story, and Ocarina of Time is my favourite Zelda game because of its strong pacing and simple story. So far I’ve been extremely happy with BotW because it has both of those things too – no overly long introduction, no convoluted story. On top of that, it has an absolutely huge world to explore with interesting things to see and do throughout. That’s about the best way I can explain how it sits in the series right now.

      And yes, that is indeed blue liquid dripping from the stone!

  3. themancalledscott

    Huh… I never made that connection. But now that I’ve read this I can’t un-see it… Maybe I’m just naive. Maybe if Zelda looked more like a Japanese gravure idol or one of those British glamour models, my mind might’ve been in the “right” place to see it from the get go… or something.

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