A challenge to my readers

Dear readers,

You let me down. I posted almost two weeks ago about a cool shoot ’em up called Blazing Star – that’s Blazing Star by the way and not Blazin’ Squad, a frequent misnomer in my house. Anyway, I explicitly mentioned I had Blazing Star on Switch. And yet not one person piped up in the comments to warn me about… Caravan mode. That’s right, it’s thanks to your negligence that I’m in a mess of trouble! For the lucky ones who don’t know, caravan mode is a five minute only score attack mode included in every NeoGeo re-release put out by Hamster, complete with online leaderboards.

After I completed that post, I decided to take a quick peek at the high score modes Hamster included. That “quick peek” soon became an arresting diversion, swiftly followed by addiction and then obsession. And now look where we are.

All I can say is I hope you’re satisfied. I do not feel I should bear responsibility for this tragic turn of events. Even so, reluctantly, I must beg for your help. Can any from among you put an end to this madness? Are there any willing to take on the caravan challenge, and de-throne my score?

Yours five minutely (and no I can’t pause),

Adrian, aka Maya


  1. moresleepneeded

    Sorry, but I do not won this game so I cannot beat the score. Congratulations on reaching such a high score, are you third among all the players of Rising Star online? Or is it just on the copy of the game you own?

    • veryverygaming

      Third in the world! Which sounds and feels amazing but I suspect that not a lot of people play this mode. There’s also a high score mode which has no time limit, but you only have two lives. I’m not amazing at shooters so I can only get to the third stage in this one. I’m sure that the top people on that leaderboard have fully completed the game on just those two lives, which is completely insane to me. Thankfully all my practising in caravan mode means I can get a decent score on the leaderboard anyway. ranking wise.

    • veryverygaming

      Great to hear from a fellow Blazing Star player! Congrats on doing so well score-wise. You must know what you’re doing to get scores like that so I’ll try to stick to less obvious tips.

      First thing is on stage 1 make sure to kill all the green enemies that provide the LUCKY letters. They give you a nice point bonus and it’s worth getting them, even if (as it did for me) it messes up your preferred way of doing things.

      Second tip, and this took me forever to figure out, is that on stage 2 you want to try and take out enemies in the first half of the stage (when the background scrolls fast) as quickly as possible. Do it fast enough and you see more enemies at the end of the section.

      Check out this playthrough here, just after the 4 minute mark, to see it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GlfcsfAGUM

      I can’t complete this as well as in the guy in the video and I think it’s the main thing preventing me reaching 2 mil. Such is life! Anyway hope that helps, and best of luck.

      • Maran

        Awesome, I think stage 2 is where I lose most of my points. I will try your tip there! Thanks for sharing.

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