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Resident Evil 4 (Wii/GC/PS2): Cottage Siege

The setup: you’ve just rescued Ashley, the president’s underwater squirrel sidekick…er- the president’s claymation 10-year-old Christian… hmmm, the president’s daughter, OK, that’s the one. It’s very dark and very raining; you’re en route to the rendezvous point where you may or may not be rescued; you’re just getting used to handling Ashley, and then, as you cross a bridge, a cutscene shows about a million villagers approaching from behind. With no alternative – the way forward, another bridge, is blocked by more baddies – the pair hotfoot it into a small house, surrounded on all sides by an army of blood-thirsty villagers. Cue a bizarrely nonchalant cutscene worthy of any cult B-movie inside the house with a hotblooded Spanish gent (who it turns out later is a ridiculously accomplished scientist!?) complimenting sixteen-year-old Ashley on her “ballistics”, before wham, whodathunkit, the baddies are banging the door down and smashing windows. Ashley goes and hides in a cupboard upstairs, while you and the Spaniard prepare for a siege. Continue reading