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My tragic Amiga childhood

So did anyone happen to catch the recentish video from James Rolfe, aka the Angry Video Game Nerd covering Amiga CD32 games? If not, it’s a highly recommended watch. Here it is.

This video speaks directly to me in a way that no other AVGN video ever has previously. I mean that literally by the way, as James Rolfe addresses me personally in this video when discussing Kang Fu:

What if you bought this when it was new? What if you played this when it was new? Did anyone actually grow up with this game? Imagine the psychological effects!

Well hey, that’s me. Because I didn’t grow up with Sega or Nintendo in my home. I had Commodore. I know there are many people in the UK who loved their Amiga, alas I was not one of them. Where sweet nostalgia should be for Amiga games there is a void of befuddlement and disappointment. Watching this video today is truly vindicating as it showcases several crappy games I was subjected to as a child on my dad’s Amiga computer: Gloom, Oscar, Zool, and the absolute lowlight of this video, Kang Fu.

Do you remember Kang Fu? I sincerely hope not.

My relationship with videogames didn’t change for the better until the year I got an N64 for Christmas and my parents upgraded to a Windows 98 PC. Now that’s what I call an upgrade!

Weird Video Wednesday: AVGN meets Seaman

The Angry Video Game Nerd (formerly the Angry Nintendo Nerd) has to be one of the most consistently entertaining Youtubers out there. Often puerile, always funny, I’ve been an on-off fan of James Rolfe’s content for years. With over 100 episodes exploring some of the worst and weirdest videogames ever made, I can practically guarantee this won’t be the last time I draw upon the AVGN back catalogue in this weekly ritual.

For me, the most compelling videos from the AVGN are those that teach the viewer about an interesting topic, showcase some impressive video editing skills, and feature plenty of relatable “I’d hate to play that” moments. All of the above through an unhealthy swear filter. Why Seaman for Dreamcast then, and not an earlier, classic episode like Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties or Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

Well, Seaman is a fascinating and utterly bizarre game from the mind of Yoot Saito – we all know what that entails – and Rolfe does a stellar job of getting the key info across. On top of that, this video wonderfully showcases his own creative sense of humour by taking this video in some crazy directions above and beyond even what Saito is capable of. Now that’s really saying something, isn’t it!?

50 Shades of Play (Welcome to the Playroom)

Went to see Fifty Shades of Grey at the cinema the other day. Being a romance film (of sorts), I knew there’d be a videogame reference somewhere in there. What I didn’t expect was the film’s absolute ripeness for parody… the “Playroom” turned out to be the most interesting and memorable character in the whole movie. Anyway this is my first ever gif, and the video was made in Moviemaker, so go easy. Enjoy these respective tributes to Sega and the Angry Video Game Nerd.

50 shades of sega saturn


Christian Grey is sporting at least fifty shades of Sega goodness right there. Of course a rich guy like him would have all the expensive Saturn stuff, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Radiant Silvergun, etc… I hear he’s also got a near-complete Neo Geo collection. And that’s all I have to say on Fifty Shades of Grey. Over and out.