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Weird Video Wednesday: That one time Mario got arrested on holiday

Most Mario games teach us nothing needs to make sense to be fun. This is something Miyamoto understood profoundly when he created a colourful cast comprising of an Italian plumber, a dinosaur with a saddle, a hapless princess who bakes, and a giant turtle/dragon nemesis named after plumbing equipment. However, in the late nineties and early noughties, some bright spark decided that players wanted to see their beloved characters in realistic – even edgy – situations for dramatic effect. Super Mario Sunshine (Gamecube) is probably one of the worst victims of this trend (which also gave us Sonic taking a commuter train in Sonic Adventure, and Shadow the Hedgehog – ’nuff said). No wonder Miyamoto is so against stories in games!

In this mini movie we discover that Mario loves succulent seafood, that the Isle Delfino is rife with corruption, that hoses can be philosophical cell mates, and that Peach may be Bowser Junior’s mother. In conclusion: I never want to see a court-room-cum-baby-mama-drama in a Mario game ever again! Leave that to Judge Judy, or the Final Fantasy series. Also, who knew that Peach had the original Kylie Jenner pout?!