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Looking Forward, 2016: Sony Always Wins

On this blog (and in life) I’ve resisted gaming on modern consoles. Until now the Wii has been my limit, my only concession to contemporary gaming. But I’ve noticed that I’m slowly running out of games on the previous-generation platforms I own. Those wells aren’t completely dry yet, of course! (I’m currently writing another post detailing just some of the many unplayed games in my backlog.) Still, it is increasingly rare for me to purchase a PS2 or Wii game in a shop, as I now own the majority of games that appeal to me!

Honestly, writing this all out paints a rather tragic picture, but really nothing could be further from the truth. Once I’d settled on “upgrading” to more recent hardware, the situation became less “Disaster: Day of Crisis”, and more “Endless Ocean”. After all, there’s nothing a nerd like myself enjoys more than fussing at length over the tiniest, stupidest, least significant details. Continue reading