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Weird Video Wednesday: Don’t forget!

This week’s video will strike a chord with anyone who’s played Xenoblade Chronicles 2. That’s because this video brings in voice samples from an iconic regular enemy, the Scottish accented soldiers of Mor Ardain. If you’ve not had the pleasure of sampling this game, you may wonder what makes these soldiers so memorable. Well, there’s just something funny about these dime a dozen soldiers who order you not to forget them every few seconds everytime you encounter them. That plus the Scottish accent.

A lot of love went into this video, that’s for sure. It’s a great way to honour the Xenoblade series, with its now rich tradition of hilarious battle chatter. All three games have spawned stupid meme-worthy dialogue, from “now it’s Reyn time” (XBC) to “have a biscuit” (XBCX) to “you’re done” (XBC2). Keep up the fine work Monolithsoft, I say.

Deep Fear (Saturn) – great music, awful voice acting

What is Deep Fear, in a nutshell? It’s a Resident Evil knock-off released in Japan and Europe in 1998, and actually the final Sega Saturn game to be released here in Europe before Sega shut up shop. Set in an underwater military base, the core gameplay is extremely Resi-like – using tank controls you navigate complex environments, fend off monsters, manage your ammo and solve arcane puzzles. Deep Fear’s one unique twist is an oxygen meter which requires you to find computer terminals to re-oxygenate areas where the oxygen is low. It’s a simple but effective mechanic which adds extra tension to exploring.

I have a soft spot for horror games of the tank-control-survival variety, and Deep Fear is very good at what it does. It’s not the most riveting game; I picked up the game about a year ago and put in a few hours with it before getting distracted and moving on. But despite having played for a short time, and the game being rather generic, there are two specific aspects of Deep Fear that make it extremely memorable and almost endlessly fascinating (to me anyway). First is the beautifully produced and composed music, while the second is the utterly abominable voice acting. Continue reading

Weird Video Wednesday: Prank calls with Shenmue’s Ryo Hazuki

Shenmue on Dreamcast: impressive graphics, lovely music… snicker-worthy voice acting. Except now, thanks to the magic of prank calls, bad voice acting is no longer a stain on this fine game’s rep – it’s a virtue! “But,” I hear you say, “prank calls are childish and silly”. That may well be true.

What’s great about this particular prank call though is how well it shows the contrast between Shenmue’s world and real life. Ryo’s overbaked acting style (“you lying!?”), as it turns out, is hilariously unsuited to communication in the real world. Personally, I would love to hear other examples of this using other Sega games from that era. How about someone out there get the House of the Dead 2 characters calling Goldman Sachs for some reason? Or the characters of Deep Fear calling a naval facility? Sonic and friends ring the zoo? It’s true that one or more of these ideas could get you arrested, but no one said it’d be easy to get featured in a Weird Video Wednesday…

Weird Video Wednesday: Youtuber Beckie0 in Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)

Welcome to another Weird Video Wednesday. This week is a bit of a cheat since I made this Xenoblade Chronicles-Beckie0 crossover video, but I think you will agree it definitely counts as weird (maybe even weirder than our previous videogame-related satire, a 50 Shades of Grey parody). For those not in the know, Beckie0 is a Youtuber making videos about what seems like everything, all the time, everywhere. As proof of that fact, the audio of hers I stole for parody purposes came from a randomly selected video Beckie0 filmed in her car for some reason, which discusses TV shows, noises on the street, piano, life at home with her parents, rent prices in London, soap, etc etc…

You may be wondering what inspired this (undoubtedly niche) crossover video.What happened was this: Maya was watching some Beckie0 vids, and a jokey exchange began about the way she talks. Everything she says is in the kind of English accent that cannot be found on any streets, roads or groves in the UK. It’s a special kind of over-Englished enunciation that, we concluded, exists only in Hogwarts as portrayed in the Harry Potter films and the world of Xenoblade Chronicles.

I hastily cobbled together a video which placed Beckie0 in the world of Xenoblade Chronicles to prove the point and the rest is history. Turns out she makes a great Fiora and her chemistry with Shulk is quite amazing, I’m sure you’ll agree! We are honoured to be a part of Beckie0’s future career as a videogame voice actress, and we hope this video will help her realise that dream. You can thank us later, Beckie.

I might do more of these Xenoblade-Beckie0 crossover vids in the future, since there is loads of material to work with and plenty of comic potential (in my eyes anyway). This one was a bit rushed but it’d be fun to have another go at it and try and put together something slightly more polished. Let me know what you think.

Lightgun adventures: Time Crisis 2 (PS2)

Apologies for being slow to bring out a new post, I’ve had work and stuffs but here I am and here we go: lightgun games. I’ve always enjoyed the lightgun genre – be that at my local arcade with the House of the Dead games and Time Crisis series, or on the Wii with (more) House of the Dead and Ghost Squad. But the PS2’s G-Con 2 and its PS1 predecessor, the G-Con 45, have seriously rekindled my passion for this genre. Arcades are all too rare and the Wiimote, lovely as it is, is not as satisfying to handle as the G-Con controllers. (It is a lot more versatile, but that’s besides the point.) So, I hope you enjoy what will be a regular series, with upcoming posts on Dino Stalker and Guncom 2, aka Death Crimson XO, both for PS2. After those two games I’m utterly flexible, so if you have any suggestions/recommendations please drop a comment below. Right now the list of potentials consists of Vampire Night, Virtua Cop: Elite Edition, Time Crisis 3, Crisis Zone, Gunfighter II: Revenge of Jesse James and the Point Blank games on PS1. But enough talk, ON WITH TIME CRISIS 2!! Continue reading