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Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Switch): thoroughly sensible action horror

It’s no Last of Us, but Resident Evil Revelations 2 is very good at what it does. The story is cheesy as Resi should be, the atmosphere creepy but not unrelentingly so, the action engaging and the controls butter smooth. Overall Revelations 2 does a fine job of combining elements of the pre-Resident Evil 4 and post-Resident Evil 4 games. Continue reading

Dead Space (PS3) – Resident Evil 4 to the bone

Alongside Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space was EA’s other critical darling/commercial flop in the Wii/360/PS3 era. Unlike Mirror’s Edge, which is an original attempt at a first person platformer, Dead Space is a loving tribute to Resident Evil 4. It’s a tightly paced re-imagining of Capcom’s classic with some cool twists of its own. A handful of hours in I’m greatly enjoying it, and can recommend it above Shinji Mikami’s own spiritual successor to RE4, The Evil Within.

The aforementioned twists on the formula are: environments with zero gravity, and vacuums with a limited oxygen supply; unique weapons that depart from the usual pistol/shotgun/submachine gun formula; a heavy emphasis on dismembering foes. Where I’m at in the game, these have all proven themselves to be strong additions to the tried and true winning formula for the third person shooter laid down by Resident Evil 4.

How about that formula then? It’s been executed extremely well so far. There’s the strong sense of atmosphere, with plenty of tension as you encounter increasingly ghoulish scenes aboard the space station USG Ishimura. There’s the quick pace and a clear objective at all times. Frequent interactions with your capable comrades on the intercom or in person serve a dual purpose, just as in Resident Evil 4: they offer a welcome spot of relief from the grisly surrounds, as well as keeping you clear on your next objective. The Dead Space devs did their homework, that’s for sure.

There’s still plenty more of Dead Space for me to see – I hope – so maybe things will change. But as it stands I’m having a great old time and I can’t wait to see what other surprises the devs have in store for me through the rest of the game. I’ve also heard nothing but positive things about Dead Space 2, which I am dying can’t wait to check out too.

Racism in AAA games: Resident Evil 5 (PS3)

This is the first in a set of posts on racism and some AAA games I’ve been playing recently. Key question: why do triple A games rely so heavily on stereotypes that continue to dehumanize black people and people of colour?

Today’s post is all about Resident Evil 5 (2009), which holds the dubious honour of sparking a race debate in the videogame world  – such was its impact that Capcom USA now vets the company’s Japan-made games. RE5 garnered a lot of conflicting assessments. On the one hand, you had critics like N’Gai Croal who argues that the imagery in RE5 was inflammatory and tactless (see below). On the other hand, you had people like Chris Hudak who called the racism allegations “stupid”: “If you are aware from the outset that the game takes place in Africa and yet you are still troubled by any skin-tone-related aspects … there exists the possibility of simple, congenital retardation on your own part.” Hmmm. Well, needless to say I disagree.  Continue reading

VVG Show 12 – Scientifically Verified Best Games of All-Time

We actually recorded this back during Halloween, not that it’s a particularly horror-themed show. This is our follow-up to last episode’s discussion of best ever gaming lists, as we dedicate 40 minutes to discussing our Best Games Ever of All-Time. Things get a bit confusing – is it a top 5? A top 10? How many lists are we doing? Are we combining them? – but somehow we fumble through to present our top 5 best games, followed by our top 5 favourite games. Which games will turn out on top?! All will be revealed… (Click “continue reading” to find our full lists for reference!)

Episode 12: Scientifically Verified Best Games of All-Time

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Lightgun adventures: Dino Stalker (PS2)

American WW2 pilot ends up in a timewarp, fighting off dinosaurs while a mysterious (read: quiet) voice in a wristwatch tells the pilot what to do and where to go while feeding him guns and ammo… and that’s just the set up for Dino Stalker, aka Gun Survivor 3: Dino Crisis. So the game has some indirect ties to Resident Evil via the Gun Survivor series. Name aside, the only thing that betrays Dino Stalker’s RE roots is an utterly absurd story – that takes itself completely seriously. Continue reading