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Amazing speedrunner clarifies how to beat Ocarina of Time in under 25 mins

Credit to People Will Be People for bringing the video to my attention. The gaming landscape isn’t all stereotypes and doom. This fascinating speed run of Ocarina of Time, comes complete with a commentary on the history of speed running/sequence breaking in the game, courtesy of the speed runner himself… while he’s actually playing it live for charity. He’s also wearing blue nail polish for some reason (I feel compelled to mention this highly irrelevant detail because it somehow contributes to the bizarreness of some of the events in the game). Even though I have little interest and no knowledge of speed running, the whole thing is totally compelling. Makes me wonder if I could do… no, no way. Don’t even think about it. You will never be this good! Besides, this guy is quite the multi-tasker, I find it a struggle not to drool when gaming, that goes for many other activities now you mention it.

Rudely pushing aside the really amazing stuff that happens in the video (“Navi dive? WTF!?”), it reminds me how stupidly rich videogames are as a medium. This video sketches the history of a tiny subset of the videogame fanbase dedicated to essentially breaking Ocarina of Time, which seems so totally removed from my own posts about the same game’s narrative it’s hard to believe they have the same game in common. I guess it’s something to do with that unique competitive sports element that sets videogames apart from other mediums like novels and films.