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Cuphead (Switch): We’re all mugs now

This is one I’ve been waiting for, for many years it turns out. Not specifically for Cuphead per se, but for a follow up to my beloved Gunstar Heroes. Continue reading

Very Very Gaming Show – Episode 2

We’re back in business – and this time it’s personal. Contra: Shattered Soldier is first on the menu this week, followed by Maya’s new addiction, Civilization II (the PS1 port!). The entire conversation pretty much goes as you’d expect: masochist loves sadistic game, perfectionist-completionist loves controlling the annals of time.

After the break we tackle some community business. We start with rage. Sony!!!! And the blog Why Didn’t I Complete It? is completely to blame for exposing Sony’s ruthless memory card pricing, which develops into a brief history of memory cards. Next on the menu: Japanese vocaloid all-round weirdness, courtesy of one of my favourite blogs, Reset Tears.

And last but not least – we deliver a retrospective of Kenji Eno’s career and and a detailed look at probably his best known title, D, described in Cultural Fragments’ review as ‘a must-play game that also happens to be terrible’. A 3DO, Saturn and PS1 release from 1995/6, D haunts us while making us laugh. In this segment we discuss everything from Eno’s career as a videogame industry bad-boy to the lack of a waist on Laura, D’s “digital actress” protagonist. And did I mention Laura is a cannibal?! Spoilers!

We’re looking for feedback on this episode, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please drop us a comment!

Episode 2: Double on D 

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