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Weird Video Wednesday: “The athore coments al totol lies!”

If you’ve seen this wonderful video before, the title of this post is probably a complete giveaway. And you very well could have seen it, since this was a big viral hit – with good reason- er, sorry, “reson”. OK, so, you don’t need to know any context to enjoy the hell out of this video, but it helps: this is a dramatic reading of a user review submitted for a Flash game over at Newgrounds, Super PSTW Action RPG (PSTW stands for “Press Space To Win”). The game itself is a satire of traditional console RPGs. It goes through towns, battles, menus and so on, but doesn’t let you interact with it really; you press a single button and it just kind of plays itself. If you’re sceptical, click the link and try it yourself on Newgrounds, it’s actually pretty entertaining.

Honestly I feel like I’m massively overwriting something that really oughtn’t be explained. You don’t need to know anything in advance, beacuase the comedy value of terrible internet comments read dramatically trumps anything and everything else. But you know something? Go ahead – I don’t care! I’m just trying to make a point here! (Seriously, someone give the voice actor a medal. Amazing.)