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Gregory Horror Show (PS2) Review

No, not Rocky Horror, Richard O’Brien has no role here in this discussion. Gregory Horror Show is a licensed game, based on a Japanese CGI TV show and later anime series of the same name. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of Gregory Horror Show and the original TV show is its unusual art style, which makes characters look like cutout paper figurines.

gregory horror show ps2

Gregory Horror Show lets you control an unnamed character who, finding himself in a hotel run by the vaguely creepy mouse-owner Gregory, borrows the body of a child from Death himself. The child-body will allow our nameless hero to collect souls from guests in Gregory’s hotel, a favour requested by Death in exchange for the hero’s freedom from the hotel. In order to collect the souls from the hotel guests, the silent protagonist must befriend, deceive and annoy said guests in order to get them to hand over the souls, voluntarily or not. What is certain is that every soul taken from a guest makes that guest your enemy from there on out, and you quickly discover that you must avoid them to preserve your own sanity, which in this game functions essentially as a health meter. There are Resident Evil references including the use of Green, Red and Yellow herbs (this is a Capcom game after all), but the two play nothing alike. Instead, Gregory Horror Show is a unique hybrid of puzzle, survival horror and adventure, with a dose of Animal Crossing for good measure. Continue reading

Massive Insanity Incoming: Pu Li Ru La

Well, colour me excited and call me excitable. This bizarre oddity of a game for the Saturn is on its way, apparently. Pu Li Ru La (I pronounce “pully ruler”). There are those who like to repeat the cliche, “the Japanese are weird”, and amongst people who say this are two groups. The first is the dismissive type, who says this without a grain of emotion, only distaste. The second however says this with a big fat cat grin. If you’re the second type then clearly this is the game for you, and I suggest you get acquainted immediately, settle down and perhaps in time legal developments will even allow you to marry. Regardless, this should – OK, it definitely WILL – usurp Gregory Horror Show as the weirdest game I’ve played this November. Insanity in a jewel case from the looks of things. The video really speaks for itself here so I won’t go overboard explaining.

Anticipation for new arrivals aside, I’m planning to post a review of Gregory Horror Show in the coming days. In brief, it’s a Good Game, but not OMG STOP THE (word-)PRESSES Amazing. Plus I’m returning to the Tony Hawks Pro Skater series after an absence of several years, looking at entry no. 2 on the Playstation for nostalgia purposes and to see if it’s aged.

Gunbird Special Edition (PS2) review

There’s an unusual theme in the latest Very Very Gaming arrivals – two budget Playstation 2 titles, exclusive to the PAL territories and Japan. It’s not common, but neither Gunbird Special Edition nor Gregory Horror Show saw the light of day in the US while they did see release in Europe. Seems to be more commonplace these days but we’re still talking about a handful of titles, let alone the smaller still subset of desirable titles. Let’s review Gunbird Special Edition on PS2 then, and perhaps we shall see whether the cocky Europeans have reason to gloat, or are they just sanctimonious pricks?


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