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Rule of Rose (PS2): A loyal dog, a princess, and a rusty steel pipe…

A good horror experience will ask the important questions: what is the nature of evil? Is death ever truly final? What kind of hospital needs a zodiac sign puzzle-operated door? Amongst the various preoccupations of the horror genre is a longstanding fasination with children. Children are scary precisely because we expect purity and innocence from them, and yet they exhibit many of our worst traits unfiltered (cruelty, jealousy, narcisscism, idleness, fickleness…). I didn’t know I had been waiting for a game that explored the psychological dimensions of young girls’ friendships… until I played Rule of Rose. Continue reading

Cheating on books, cheating on games

During our recent visit to the National Videogame Arcade, the receptionist jokingly asked whether I liked games or not: “I mean, why else would you be here – it’s not like we read books!” I laughed awkwardly. Probably not a good time to share that I have a degree and masters in literature. Maybe. And also that I love reading, maybe even more than gaming. Just laugh awkwardly and back away, slowly. Continue reading