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Five most underrated female characters in videogames

Step aside Lara Croft! Mind your bum, Bayonetta! Here’s a list of our five favourite female characters you’ll never find in a “Best Women in Games” list. So often, lists of this variety prioritise notoriety, relevance and icon status over good or subtle characterisation. We’ve tried to redress this imbalance with our list, so enjoy and offer your suggestions in the comments please! Continue reading

Very Very Gaming Show – Episode 2

We’re back in business – and this time it’s personal. Contra: Shattered Soldier is first on the menu this week, followed by Maya’s new addiction, Civilization II (the PS1 port!). The entire conversation pretty much goes as you’d expect: masochist loves sadistic game, perfectionist-completionist loves controlling the annals of time.

After the break we tackle some community business. We start with rage. Sony!!!! And the blog Why Didn’t I Complete It? is completely to blame for exposing Sony’s ruthless memory card pricing, which develops into a brief history of memory cards. Next on the menu: Japanese vocaloid all-round weirdness, courtesy of one of my favourite blogs, Reset Tears.

And last but not least – we deliver a retrospective of Kenji Eno’s career and and a detailed look at probably his best known title, D, described in Cultural Fragments’ review as ‘a must-play game that also happens to be terrible’. A 3DO, Saturn and PS1 release from 1995/6, D haunts us while making us laugh. In this segment we discuss everything from Eno’s career as a videogame industry bad-boy to the lack of a waist on Laura, D’s “digital actress” protagonist. And did I mention Laura is a cannibal?! Spoilers!

We’re looking for feedback on this episode, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please drop us a comment!

Episode 2: Double on D 

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