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Gamers Going Their Own Way (GGTOW) guide to videogames

As you are no doubt aware, there’s been a big hubbub in recent years around the concept of “gamer identity”. Is there such a thing? Perhaps, but gamers are not homogeneous, and there are many different sub-categories of gamer. My last post considered the dudebro gamer phenomenon on the original Xbox but I’m tired of ready-made labels, and I tried to create an original gamer movement to fight Game Length Supremacists but that failed to garner mass support. So here’s my new attempt to craft a gamer identity, and this time it’s about forging our Own Way as gamers. Can we as gamers borrow the language and rhetoric of the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement in order to articulate our particular gaming habits?

That’s right, I’m outing myself here as a bit of an MGTOWer in the realm of gaming, and in the realm of gaming ONLY. I’m a GGTOWer, if you will. (For those not familiar with the Men Going Their Own Way movement, I’d recommend giving this here site a read for the heinous basics.) I hope this post will provide some small insight into the Gamers Going Their Own Way lifestyle, and in order to accomplish this feat I’ve harnessed some MGTOW rhetoric here. So in extremely poor taste I’ve basically copied and pasted MGTOW articles and replaced the word “women” with the word “games” and, sorry to say, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. That’s just how bad the levels of female objectification are in the articles I’ve cribbed from. Fair warning: there are regressive views towards videogames in this post, some of them expressed strongly, even offensively. You have been warned. Continue reading

Tomb Raider-ing (Saturn) at 83.42% speed

I can remember the first time I became aware of the difference in speed between PAL and NTSC games. It was some time after I got my Gamecube when I recognised it. I’d always heard 60hz was better so I always picked the option when the game started but I never noticed any change until one day when I was playing Super Monkey Ball’s bowling minigame. This particular minigame features a rapidly moving cursor that requires ridiculously precise timing to aim your ball. At some point I noticed that if you played in 50hz mode, the game became much easier – the speed was reduced to the point that you could get the ball centre of the alley most, if not all of the time. Continue reading

Videogame documentaries – Wesker’s Report and Tomb Raider Anniversary

It is a little known fact that Christian charity shops are actually gateways to hell (judging by the unholy DVDs and books in most of these places). As I entered one such shop last week in the Arsenal area of North London, my nostrils were greeted with the pungent smell of marijuana. The smell was due to the tenant upstairs, I was assured indirectly by the shop owners, who watched me suspiciously – presumably they were appalled by my ability to first recognise the smell of weed, and second, my uttering the drug’s name out loud. The shop wasn’t exactly a welcoming place, but those unholy DVDs – rows upon rows – held my attention for a good ten minutes.

This particular charity shop visit ended with me grabbing two videogame documentaries – a definite first. Another first on this here blog is a post that attempts to compare the two. But there’s a first time for everything, so I present you a comparison of Capcom’s Resident Evil mockumentary promo, Wesker’s Report, and Gametap’s 10 Years of Tomb Raider documentary. Continue reading