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Life update: where I explain my absence to assuage the neverending guilt

I am now on the last leg of completing my PhD. I know I said that in my last “life update” but this time… it’s serious. All I do, all day, is sit at my desk and try and figure out why words have stopped meaning what they used to. By the end of the project I should have over 70,000 words ready for the nine people around the world who it will be relevant to.

As you might imagine, I’m finding it difficult to sit and type in front of a screen – who knew that there was a limit? – and formulating blog posts at the moment seems like an arduous, difficult task. I have to have… an argument? I have to have opinions? Sounds a bit too similar to the every day struggle of stringing together sentences that include words like ‘ontology’, ‘problematise’ and ‘heterogeneity’.

The plan is to submit by the end of July – yes, next month. To celebrate, I was hoping to indulge either by going on holiday or buying a Switch (preferably both) – but my funding dried up months ago so I may have to settle for a packet of crisps, a movie and possibly a phone call with someone who does own a Switch. They can talk to me about their Switch experiences and I can translate their experiences into blog posts that will rock the internet to the very core…!

I apologise if this sounds like my current situation isn’t any fun – actually it’s been good. After a hard day’s thinking, there’s always time to enjoy videogames. Videogames still make sense. In the last few weeks alone, I’ve enjoyed spending time with Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, Splatoon, Portal 2, Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment, and assorted Neo Geo games.

Anyway just to say thanks for bearing with me in this limbo phase. There will be a one or two posts coming your way, just not the usual weekly ones – I can’t wait to jump back on the blogtrain when the time is right!

final fantasy xiii

Looking forward to playing and blogging about more games from the backlog…


A brief life update

Emphasis on the brief, but it’s about time I shared the reason this blog has been somewhat quiet this past month or so, and it may continue for a while. I’m currently nearing the end of my PhD, with hopefully just a few short months to go before I finally submit. I’ve always worked to deadlines throughout the PhD, but being in the final stretch has meant being stricter than usual with my time so I can finish sooner rather than later – theses have a habit of stretching on and on if you let them.

I started this blog at almost the same time as my PhD, a (mostly) stress-free space where I could practice and develop mad writin’ skillz beyond the realm of academese. Of course my writing skills were and still are irredeemably poor, but the blog has served me well as far as stress relief goes. (It’s also been terrible in terms of procrastination, but that’s another story!)

What about going forward? Well, despite its beginnings as a PhD distracton, I hope to keep the blog alive long after the PhD is done and to post regularly in the meantime too; basically nothing will change. At least, that’s the plan! I just wanted to give an explanation for why I’ve posted less regularly recently, and if the trend of fewer posts continues then at least you’ll have an idea why. I’ll continue to cajole Maya into contributing posts during dry patches, and there are other goals too: more podcasts, reviving Weird Video Wednesday, so we’ll see how those pan out.

There's also my plan to monetise this blog... hang on, did I write that out loud? Pre-order your Best of Very Very Gaming 2018 today for 50% off!

There is also my plan to monetise the site. Pre-order today and get a whopping 50% off the best of Very Very Gaming content in 2019!

Whatever lies are in store, let me take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone who reads our blog. It’s a privilege to know and be part of such a passionate and vibrant community of videogame bloggers, and I’m eternally grateful to those who’ve read, shared and commented on Very Very Gaming these past three years. Responses and correspondence from readers is the most gratifying part of any form of writing, so thank you all again for making blogging so rewarding and fun!