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If Mario had a therapist… on Braid (PC) and Jonathan Blow

Braid is not a fun game. And that’s the point. Or so indie games designer Jonathan Blow says. Convenient, you might think, but I suspect Jonathan actually means what he says. He’s one of those intellectual types who quotes James Joyce and Thomas Pynchon whilst denouncing the use of phrases such as ludonarrative dissonance. In Braid, Jonathan tried to make a game that was familiar and nostalgic, but also made you think about games as a form – it is a self-concious game, the thinking man’s Mario if you will. So how successful is Jonathan in realising his vision? Is Jonathan a pretentious genius or just plain pretentious? Continue reading

Nintendo’s best composers

Recently my music habits have changed. It used to be that I rarely listened to videogame music outside of playing games. For a long time the only game music I had on my iPod were a few select tracks from the original Cho Aniki game. (That’s no joke by the way – that’s a really good soundtrack!) These days though, I’m finding videogame music dominating my listening time in way it never has before. Rather than speculate on the reasons behind this shift I thought it a good idea to capitalise on it by spotlighting some of my favourite Nintendo composers and ranking them by impact! I had to limit myself to talking about Nintendo just to set myself some boundaries, otherwise this list would go on and on and on and on… as if it isn’t going to do that already. Ahem. Continue reading

Mario, Bowser, and water supply issues

Over the weekend there was a major water leak which cut off the water supply to a large area in Birmingham (UK) for several hours. One resident mentioned a possible need to bring in a “bowser” – in effect a very large water cooler. It is surely no accident that Mario the plumber’s main nemesis is called Bowser. There is even a resemblance!



Suddenly Mario’s quest to defeat Bowser (and rescue Peach, who, as far as I know holds no relationship to the exciting world of plumbing) appears in a completely different light.


Come on Mario! Fix those pipes and restore that water supply! Earn those contractor fees by picking up coins! Defeat Bowser and save the Mushroom Kingdom from the inefficient water supply method!