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Why calls for objective videogame criticism are wrong

“I want more objective games criticism”. You often hear this phrase and other similar sentiments echoing around the internet. In its worst form, a cry for objectivity is a plea for games journalists and critics to mirror the thoughts, opinions and expectations of the person asking for objectivity. On the brighter end of the spectrum however, calls for objectivity are requests for game critics to put aside their own personal biases and try and account for tastes other than their own. In this post, I’m addressing the latter point – and I’m going to assume that, in certain instances, these objectivity-seekers have a valid point. They’re not exactly wrong – but they’re certainly inaccurate. Continue reading

A revised approach to videogame coverage

This blog is going to change. Up until now, inbetween my unreadable essays and moments of satire I’ve bulked out the blog with so-called reviews. I even went back and retroactively renamed my “impressions” posts to “mini-review” posts, in the hopes of attracting more views. Why? Because nobody searches for “*random game* impressions” except weirdos! The norms are all out there searching for reviews. Norms out there are looking for a definitive statement about a videogame and not some vague wishy-washy impressions that you just made up on the fly. Those have no official status! Reviews have the power and authority to give life and taketh away – just look at Metacritic, GameRankings and Rotten Tomatoes. Perhaps I’m overstating the importance of the review here. But there’s a whole, massive, traditional branch of the gaming media devoted to it. And news, reviews, previews, impressions, are all essential fruits that grow on this particular branch of videogame coverage.

Fight the power

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