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Introducing… Wii U!

I know what you’re thinking here – it’s barely been six months since we got our PS3, and now it’s all in with another console? And not just any console, a modern console. Slow down and get me off this crazy train, am I right? All I can say is thank God we didn’t go ahead and officially name this blog “Very Very Gaming 1995-2010”. That would’ve made this post so much more awkward. Even so, clearly between the Wii U and PS3, the remit of Very Very Gaming is expanding into new-er territory; I hope no one will mind. And anyway, it was a birthday present! Continue reading

Very Very Gaming Show – Episode 3

We’re late this week thanks to a combination of technical issues and academic deadlines. But we pulled it off in the end, and I am proud to present our biggest and brashest episode, which commences with a discussion of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. A wildly ambitious, creative and unique game, Abe’s Oddysee is also remarkably difficult, a fact which does not escape us. Still, the difficulty alone doesn’t detract from this game’s many achievements as our discussion makes clear.

After a quick break Tommy Wiseau fans prove intent on transforming the Very Very Gaming Show into the Tommy Wiseau Show. Adrian impersonates numerous quotes from infamous cine-disaster The Room, and mayhem ensues. The detour doesn’t last long, and what Maya dubs “the great debate” gets the show firmly back on the videogame track. That’s right, we delve into the minefield that is modern vs. retro videogames. Our trusty guides through this enormous subject are two grizzled veterans of the videogame blogosphere: We Are Finally Cowboys and A Most Agreeable Pastime. The former’s post detailing why he gave up on modern gaming takes us through the first half of the discussion. What drives people to stop buying new games and turn to increasingly outdated technology for entertainment? Turns out there are many possible reasons, although Maya is quick to put it down in Adrian’s case to a hipster mentality.

We conclude the discussion with A Most Agreeable Pastime’s argument about the dangers of letting videogames define you. We find ourselves mostly in agreement, and point to the importance of blogs in doing away with the elitist attitudes prevalent in online videogame communities. Viva la inclusivité!

And that’s the show. We’ll return again soon (hopefully on time), and if you have any comments or suggestions on the show, please drop us a comment!

Episode 3: The Great Debate

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