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Weird Video Wednesday: Philosophising the Blues in Mr Bones (Saturn)

Introducing! A game! Mr Bones! This whole game for Sega Saturn has a certain odd, off-kilter feel, but a ways into the game Mr Bones takes a turn for the bizarre. And the level that introduces the insanity is called Glass Shards. The cutscene intro for this particular level shows our hero, a skeleton called Mr Bones, being absorbed into a portal. He finds himself in a psychedelic no-man’s-land, with only some unevenly spaced floating lilies to help him escape.

[Note: I couldn’t find any videos that contained the whole audio for this level fully except for this one, which has had some strange video filters applied for effect.]

As you can tell, music is a big part of Mr Bones. There’s a wide variety of gameplay styles in the game, and the heavy rock soundtrack by “famous” guitarist Ronnie Montrose (I’d never heard of him), is one of the few things that ties them all together. This time, in Glass Shards, it’s the usual heavy rock guitar stylings you’ve heard throughout the rest of the game, except with a voiceover. And what a voiceover.

As you wrestle with the controls and those obnoxious lily pads, the game subjects you to some of the most remarkable ramblings ever concocted on the topic of “the blues”. What words are there for a game that comes out with gems like “Jesus Christ had the blues, big time,” and “beyond all the land and sea and sky, there’s blues”?!

By way of a bonus, this next video provides a glimpse of what happens AFTER you defeat the blues. Or whatever it was you did in that stage. I recommend watching at least a minute or two of this next vid until the cutscene at the end of this stage, which features our skeletal hero Mr Bones seducing a half-naked ghostly siren with a guitar solo! (It would seem utterly strange if not for the madness before.)