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Lightgun adventures: Gunfighter II: Revenge of Jesse James and Vampire Night (PS2)

How often does anyone talk about a game that was released exclusively in Europe? As in, a game that never saw the light of day in Japan or America? This is a first. And unlike the one other Europe-only game I own (Formula Karts Special Edition on the Saturn), I quite like Gunfighter II: Revenge of Jesse James. It’s a blatant, and I do mean blatant Time Crisis knock-off, but at least the UK-based developer Rebellion Developments did a good job with it.

Novelty factor aside, I’m going to discuss Gunfighter II in tandem with Vampire Night here because I got very similar feelings playing both of these games: It’s a Wonderful Knock-Off. The main difference between these two is that Gunfighter II (and I presume its prequel Gunfighter for PS1) lifts its cover system and shooting mechanics straight out of the Time Crisis series, while Vampire Night takes its cues from the House of the Dead series. Continue reading

Weird Video Wednesday: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Wii U)

Tekken is one of those franchises I automatically associate with Playstation. And there’s no other game that screams Sony louder to me than Tekken Tag Tournament, the first game I ever played on the then-recently released PS2. Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition is of course, a sequel to the original Tag Tournament, originally released on Xbox 360 and PS3 and subsequently ported to the Wii U. Nothing too strange there, you might think, but no. Times have changed, and the insanity levels in the Tekken franchise are clearly on the rise.

It’s impossible to choose just one ludicrous scenario, there are so many. After you’ve experienced Tiger, aka Disco Toad, competing in the Mushroom Battle, you might also like to sample the beach volleyball contest between a bear dressed as Mario and a panda dressed as Princess Peach (30:40), or the introduction of Roger Jr., a baby kangaroo who fights from the pouch of his parent, dressed as Bowser Jr. and Bowser Sr. respectively, of course (59:20)! It’d be remiss of me not to recommend too the hilarious FMV game intro, which manages to be completely absurd despite the lack of Nintendo costumes (2:00).

Last thing to mention by way of a bonus is Snoop Dogg. That’s right, the icing on the meaningless violence is Snoop Dogg’s marketing contribution for this game. Bandai Namco liked his song, ‘Knocc Em Down’, so much they even gave him his own stage in this game. “Take a second for me to blow your mind… Tekken.”

We Love Katamario!

All I want for Christmas is…Katamario! What is Katamario you ask? Well, it’s a game that doesn’t exist yet – but I want it to. Katamario is the name I’ve come up with for a Mario/Katamari Damacy crossover title. So, this post is my deeply heartfelt request for Nintendo to bring together two brilliant gaming franchises into one potentially perfect gaming experience.  Continue reading

Lightgun adventures: Time Crisis 3 and Crisis Zone (PS2)

The original Time Crisis changed everything. There’s no doubt that the ducking mechanic evolved the lightgun genre considerably. Imagine if the ducks in Duck Hunt had guns, that they shot at you as the flew, soaring into the sky. And imagine if, like in Punch Out!, you were able to dodge incoming shots. Well that’s the leap that Time Crisis made. Lightgun games were no longer simple shooting galleries, instead they incorporated other action game elements without losing aiming and shooting as the heart of the genre.

It’s been a while since I posted a new addition to the lightgun adventures series, and the main reason is that I completely inundated myself with lightgun games these past few months to the point of overwhelming myself. Between this post and Burning Rangers, I’m all about clearing out the backlog of games I want to write about on the blog. Please understand: this is a desperate hunt for the definitive lightgun experience, and I’ve played 10 lightgun games on PS2 so far to that sole end. So it’s practically inevitable at this point that any piece of writing I do on this topic will be the kind of detail-heavy post that only someone who’s played 10 G-Con compatible games on PS2 in the span a few months would write. Let me apologise right now for this post’s utter inaccessibility! Continue reading

Lightgun adventures: Time Crisis 2 (PS2)

Apologies for being slow to bring out a new post, I’ve had work and stuffs but here I am and here we go: lightgun games. I’ve always enjoyed the lightgun genre – be that at my local arcade with the House of the Dead games and Time Crisis series, or on the Wii with (more) House of the Dead and Ghost Squad. But the PS2’s G-Con 2 and its PS1 predecessor, the G-Con 45, have seriously rekindled my passion for this genre. Arcades are all too rare and the Wiimote, lovely as it is, is not as satisfying to handle as the G-Con controllers. (It is a lot more versatile, but that’s besides the point.) So, I hope you enjoy what will be a regular series, with upcoming posts on Dino Stalker and Guncom 2, aka Death Crimson XO, both for PS2. After those two games I’m utterly flexible, so if you have any suggestions/recommendations please drop a comment below. Right now the list of potentials consists of Vampire Night, Virtua Cop: Elite Edition, Time Crisis 3, Crisis Zone, Gunfighter II: Revenge of Jesse James and the Point Blank games on PS1. But enough talk, ON WITH TIME CRISIS 2!! Continue reading