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8-bit reimaginings, or why I wish they all could be Blaster Master Zero (Switch)

I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas break and finding time to relax and game. It’s a much-needed reprieve at the end of a hectic year for me, that’s for sure! Among others, one of my go-to games recently has been Blaster Master Zero on Switch, a Metroidvania remake whose source material, Blaster Master for the NES, predates the -vania part of that neologism.

For someone like me who only played on NES a mere handful of times, most of my experience with the system’s library comes from the Wii-era and the Virtual Console. At the time Nintendo graced us with many NES classics which I played and loved, but sadly the original Blaster Master was not featured on the service. Continue reading

Less is more? Back to basics with Mario and Castlevania

Ever since their beginnings the steady mantra of game sequels has been more, more, more. And as we know there are many ways to do more – some good, some bad. More can sometimes mean worse, and the drive to add new stuff can end up obscuring the kernel of the series/experience – the fundamentals which are characteristic of a series. Other times, the new and old elements of a game co-exist awkwardly: “why is X so good, and Y so bad?”. So, confession time. I enjoy the original Super Mario Bros over every other 2D sequel. Why? Read on…

Continue reading

Link to the Past: how Zelda II (NES) saved my relationship with videogames

It was December 8th, 2006. Not only was it the launch day of Nintendo’s Wii, it was also that of the best Zelda title ever made. My pre-ordered copy was waiting for me in the local game shop. I could barely contain my excitement. Although, because it was technically a Christmas present, I wasn’t allowed to play it until the 25th but that’s by the by. In fact, those extra days only heightened the anticipation…

You can imagine my fevered excitement when I actually played Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii (a full 17 days later). The intro was sumptuous; the graphics beautiful in widescreen; the characters well written; the motion controls… OK. Continue reading