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A revised approach to videogame coverage

This blog is going to change. Up until now, inbetween my unreadable essays and moments of satire I’ve bulked out the blog with so-called reviews. I even went back and retroactively renamed my “impressions” posts to “mini-review” posts, in the hopes of attracting more views. Why? Because nobody searches for “*random game* impressions” except weirdos! The norms are all out there searching for reviews. Norms out there are looking for a definitive statement about a videogame and not some vague wishy-washy impressions that you just made up on the fly. Those have no official status! Reviews have the power and authority to give life and taketh away – just look at Metacritic, GameRankings and Rotten Tomatoes. Perhaps I’m overstating the importance of the review here. But there’s a whole, massive, traditional branch of the gaming media devoted to it. And news, reviews, previews, impressions, are all essential fruits that grow on this particular branch of videogame coverage.

Fight the power

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