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Weird Video Wednesday: Prank calls with Shenmue’s Ryo Hazuki

Shenmue on Dreamcast: impressive graphics, lovely music… snicker-worthy voice acting. Except now, thanks to the magic of prank calls, bad voice acting is no longer a stain on this fine game’s rep – it’s a virtue! “But,” I hear you say, “prank calls are childish and silly”. That may well be true.

What’s great about this particular prank call though is how well it shows the contrast between Shenmue’s world and real life. Ryo’s overbaked acting style (“you lying!?”), as it turns out, is hilariously unsuited to communication in the real world. Personally, I would love to hear other examples of this using other Sega games from that era. How about someone out there get the House of the Dead 2 characters calling Goldman Sachs for some reason? Or the characters of Deep Fear calling a naval facility? Sonic and friends ring the zoo? It’s true that one or more of these ideas could get you arrested, but no one said it’d be easy to get featured in a Weird Video Wednesday…