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Weird Video Wednesday: All I Want For Xmas…

…is my PSP. Nope, not this time folks! It was going to be Sony’s laughable attempt at viral marketing for the PSP, but frankly, amusing as it is seeing a grown man hump a ladder, it’s also rather predictable marketing-done-wrong. And haven’t we seen enough corporate mishaps on Weird Vid Wednesday? I think so, for now at least.

By contrast nothing could be sweeter, or less cynical, than watching these kids’ react to a brand spanking new NINTENDO SIXTY-FOOOOUUURRRR for Christmas. This kid heard Nintendo’s marketing messages – The future is here! Dinosaurs will fly! Feel the adventure with Nintendo! THE FASTEST MOST POWERFUL GAMES CONSOLE ON EARTH – and ran with it, practically taking off in the process. ADHD much?

More to the point though, can you blame him for being so excited? As regular readers will know I loved my N64, which I also got as an Xmas gift in the late nineties (fortunately no one was filming…). And to this day I cherish the N64 for delightfully quirky titles like Blast Corps and Mischief Makers, on top of the many timeless classics born in that generation. One memory I don’t particularly cherish is getting Donkey Kong 64 for Xmas the year it came out, only to discover that past the DK Rap there wasn’t much of interest. Next year’s Super Smash Bros. made up for that though, thankfully!

If you have any memorable moments around Xmas and gaming, do drop us a comment. What was your most memorable gaming-related Xmas present?

Sega Saturn Video CD card – LOL!

It took a while before the utter redundancy of the Video CD card accessory dawned on me. Maybe I’m slow, but maybe it’s just a sign of how effective Sega are at tomfoolery and chicanery that this Sega Saturn attachment could seem perfectly reasonable at first glance. In fact, it’s almost over-the-top ridiculous enough that your wallet could be out of your pocket and your hand preparing to hand over cash before you realise the truth: Sega were on drugs, and so are you. You install the card and your Saturn plays VCDs. Anyone remember those? Sub-Youtube quality CDs? I think I’ve got the Indian release of Apollo 13 lying around somewhere on Video CD. And VCD is exactly where that film should’ve stayed.

kevin bacon apollo 13

“I’m sorry for what my film did to you.”

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