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R-Type Delta (PS1)

I’ll begin with a confession: I have only seen the credits to this game once, and only after nine hours, yes nine hours of total play. On easy. Difficulty be damned, it’s a fine game – a doggedly old school shooter that is vastly out of sync with the direction the shmup genre went in during the late 90s (a path it’s still treading) – towards FAST, FRANTIC, BULLET-HELL ACTION. Instead R-Type Delta continues and builds on the tradition of its predecessors with an all-together slower, more considered, and ultimately much more tense experience as a result.

Delta is the Playstation 1 reboot of the R-Type series and the first console exclusive of the series. Of course, the early R-Types are the best known: the original was a defining moment in shmup history, becoming enormously influential for environments that are ever-ready to kill you, as well as the memorable floating invincible buddy you drag along beside you and have limited yet highly strategic control over. Continue reading

Super special R-Type Delta (PS1) giveaway!

Hello readers, and happy new year! Welcome to our first game giveaway and, although we came up with the idea of having a giveaway on the blog what seems like an age ago, it wasn’t until very recently that the question of how we could do it was finally solved. To win a copy of R-Type Delta on PS1 all we ask is that you read on and comment on this post. In brief: we are planning on mailing, yes, posting, physical copies of this PS1 game, strange and old-hat as it sounds in these days of Steam, PSN, online gifting, voucher codes and whatnot. Of course, being based in the UK we have the PAL release, so it won’t work on American/Japanese Playstations. We will post anywhere though, UK, international, you name it. Continue reading