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Console modding: Sega Saturn and PlayStation

I’ve always shied away from the topic of console mods. Perhaps because it’s the kind of discussion that can result in bannings from forums and websites, auctions being shut down on eBay, that sort of thing. It’s a legal grey area – not the act of modding itself, but what modding can allow for. At the risk of indicting myself, I’m writing about it here because I find it to be an interesting topic that I hear and read little about in mainstream circles. So to begin with, let’s talk about what modifications are out there, and why someone might want to modify their console in the first place, and then I’ll talk a bit about my modded Saturn and PlayStation. Continue reading

Retro compilationing: Sega Mega Drive Collection (PS2)

I’m sorry. There, I said it. Sometimes life gets in the way of regular blogging, you know? I feel bad because I’ve found the time to play lots of games recently – but games are quicker and easier to play than they are to write about in my experience!

So between lengthy play sessions with Xenoblade Chronicles X, various other Wii U games and a replay of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, I picked up Midway Arcade Treasures 3 for the original Xbox. I’m not going to discuss that here, but it set me off thinking about other compilations I own and what makes a good retro/classic game compilation. Sega, Capcom, Atari, Namco, Taito, Midway – repeated offenders during the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube era, the lot of them, so there’s plenty of these out there to talk about. Continue reading

Retro console repair/maintenance guide

Repairs repairs. Repairs repairs repairs repairs repairs. And how to do them. I don’t do practical posts (although I’m not above doing the odd poor parody of practical guides), but in buying a good number of second-hand, older consoles over the past few years I’ve come across several issues which are easily fixable, and I think it’s worth a write-up. The consoles I write about on this blog are by no means the oldest or the rarest (until I go ahead with my plan to turn this into a BBC Micro fansite) but nevertheless, nobody is manufacturing replacements for old consoles any more and that lack will inevitably only become more pronounced as the years pass. So for those who enjoy old consoles and want to keep them in good working order, the odd repair/clean is pretty much unavoidable.   Continue reading

UK videogame retailers: Crazy Thumbs, Tooting, London

This is a series of posts dedicated to independent and interesting videogame shops in the UK with a focus on those that sell retro/import games, both those that have perished and those that still survive today. We could always do with tip-offs of new or old places to cover, and would love to get memories or perspectives of the shops featured, so please take the time to comment. With the rise of the internet, dedicated retro videogame retailers are becoming scarcer and harder to find. This series will cover London for the most part since that’s where I’m based but I’m interested in other parts of the UK as well. This second post (see the first here on The Video Gallery in Islington) focuses on the newly opened Crazy Thumbs on Mitcham Road in Tooting, London. Continue reading

Very Very Gaming Show – Episode 3

We’re late this week thanks to a combination of technical issues and academic deadlines. But we pulled it off in the end, and I am proud to present our biggest and brashest episode, which commences with a discussion of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. A wildly ambitious, creative and unique game, Abe’s Oddysee is also remarkably difficult, a fact which does not escape us. Still, the difficulty alone doesn’t detract from this game’s many achievements as our discussion makes clear.

After a quick break Tommy Wiseau fans prove intent on transforming the Very Very Gaming Show into the Tommy Wiseau Show. Adrian impersonates numerous quotes from infamous cine-disaster The Room, and mayhem ensues. The detour doesn’t last long, and what Maya dubs “the great debate” gets the show firmly back on the videogame track. That’s right, we delve into the minefield that is modern vs. retro videogames. Our trusty guides through this enormous subject are two grizzled veterans of the videogame blogosphere: We Are Finally Cowboys and A Most Agreeable Pastime. The former’s post detailing why he gave up on modern gaming takes us through the first half of the discussion. What drives people to stop buying new games and turn to increasingly outdated technology for entertainment? Turns out there are many possible reasons, although Maya is quick to put it down in Adrian’s case to a hipster mentality.

We conclude the discussion with A Most Agreeable Pastime’s argument about the dangers of letting videogames define you. We find ourselves mostly in agreement, and point to the importance of blogs in doing away with the elitist attitudes prevalent in online videogame communities. Viva la inclusivité!

And that’s the show. We’ll return again soon (hopefully on time), and if you have any comments or suggestions on the show, please drop us a comment!

Episode 3: The Great Debate

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