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UK videogame retailers: Entertainment World, Sheldon, Birmingham

This is a series of posts dedicated to independent and interesting videogame shops in the UK with a focus on those that sell retro/import games, both those that have perished and those that still survive today. We could always do with tip-offs of new or old places to cover, and would love to get memories or perspectives of the shops featured, so please take the time to comment. With the rise of the internet, dedicated retro videogame retailers are becoming scarcer and harder to find. This series will cover London for the most part since that’s where I’m based but I’m interested in other parts of the UK as well. This is the third post (check out the first on the deceased The Video Gallery in Islington and the second on the recently opened Crazy Thumbs in Tooting) and today we’re looking at Entertainment World in Sheldon, Birmingham. Continue reading

Video Game Market – Retro Collect event, March 2014 (Leeds)

This post has been far too long coming. Retro Collect’s Video Game Market in Leeds was what it called itself on the tin – retro games and systems in gathered in abundance for sale in the basement (where else?) of Leeds Town Hall. It was my first time attending an event like this, focused on retro videogames exclusively, and judging by the enormous queues outside it was a genuinely exciting novelty for many other people too. Continue reading