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Why calls for objective videogame criticism are wrong

“I want more objective games criticism”. You often hear this phrase and other similar sentiments echoing around the internet. In its worst form, a cry for objectivity is a plea for games journalists and critics to mirror the thoughts, opinions and expectations of the person asking for objectivity. On the brighter end of the spectrum however, calls for objectivity are requests for game critics to put aside their own personal biases and try and account for tastes other than their own. In this post, I’m addressing the latter point – and I’m going to assume that, in certain instances, these objectivity-seekers have a valid point. They’re not exactly wrong – but they’re certainly inaccurate. Continue reading

VVG Show 11 – Listmania

In this podcast, the 11th episode of the Very Very Gaming Show, we dedicate 25 minutes to discussing the thinking behind All-Time Greatest Videogame Lists. What are they there for anyway? Are they a good idea? Do they work? All these and more questions will be pondered in this episode, inspired by a recent post on this topic by our blogging friend, Wizard Dojo. And just in case you were wondering whether the mere invocation of Four Swords Adventures on Gamecube could literally set alarm bells ringing, this episode says yes. Bonus: microphones that make you want to bone?!

Episode 11: Listmania

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