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Returning to Mario, again and again

Mario games never click with me immediately. But given enough time, I always seem to wind up back in the world of a certain moustachioed friend. That was true for Super Mario 64 and, much more recently, Super Mario Odyssey. Continue reading

Weird Video Wednesday: Ruining your Mario memories, 90s-style!

This might actually be the craziest vid featured in this series to date. I am, to put it mildly, baffled and alarmed that such a video exists, anywhere, ever. To call this a video is almost too kind; “crime against humanity” is a far more apt term.

Who, I hear you cry, who would choose willingly to bring together twerking and Super Mario 64?! I hear your pleas and feel your pain; and I have learned who is to blame.

los hechiceros de la maquina

You are now entering the unspeakably greasy world of La Maquina…

I really just want to understand. How did this happen? La Maquina – did they go to prison for this? Who are they? Where are they from? Are/were they popular? Did they get permission from Nintendo to use the music, the sound effects, everything?! (These aren’t simply rhetorical questions by the way – there’s nothing on these guys in English and I don’t speak Spanish so I genuinely don’t know.) From what I can determine, Los Hechiceros De La Maquina, the album containing El Rap De Mario, was released in 2003. Was this music video made in 2003 too? I find it hard, no, impossible to believe that it wasn’t a product of the 90s.

If anyone reading this can tell us anything about these childhood-robbing criminals or their crimes, do drop a comment. Three words: Know. Your. Enemy.

Tomb Raider-ing (Saturn) at 83.42% speed

I can remember the first time I became aware of the difference in speed between PAL and NTSC games. It was some time after I got my Gamecube when I recognised it. I’d always heard 60hz was better so I always picked the option when the game started but I never noticed any change until one day when I was playing Super Monkey Ball’s bowling minigame. This particular minigame features a rapidly moving cursor that requires ridiculously precise timing to aim your ball. At some point I noticed that if you played in 50hz mode, the game became much easier – the speed was reduced to the point that you could get the ball centre of the alley most, if not all of the time. Continue reading