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From Dark Souls (PS3) to Remastered (Switch)

Dark Souls is a gaming icon. The words “You Died” (and the collective audible response of “No Shit”) are carved into the collective consciousness that is gaming culture.

Its reputation proceeds it, and I was primed to enjoy Dark Souls. On the surface this series has “me” written all over it, with its reputation for sadism. Ultimately on my first playthrough I came away pretty disappointed. “I liked [Dark Souls] but didn’t love it” was my ultra-brief summary in my Hollow Knight recap. I returned to Dark Souls in the form of the Remastered edition for Switch on a whim. An intended quick blast on my brother’s Switch turned into a full-blown playthrough from start to end. Now with my expectations set to reasonable levels, I can say I enjoyed it more second go around. It’s a very good game, with some strong reservations.

The second time through I came to appreciate the world of Dark Souls more. It’s dark and despairing, sure, but a lot of time and thought has clearly gone into it. Continue reading

A “Yeah!” for Miiverse

It’s decided. My autobiography will be titled “Miiverse: The Road to Fame and Fortune”. I’m done with Facebook, not even tried Twitter. Miiverse, I now realise, is where it’s at (especially for closet nerds like myself). Terrible puns: hell yes. Stupid drawings: absolutely. Inane chat: more than likely. Overused memes: you bet. Everything we’ve come to expect from social media is on Miiverse, the only difference being that it revolves around gaming as a hobby. That and a conspicuous absence of internet bile. Add me! Continue reading