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UK videogame retailers: Games Plus, Sparkhill, Birmingham

Games Plus is easily one of my favourite game shops to visit – and it’s also the least conventional. Like my previous posts on videogame related shops in the UK, I’m going to explain a bit about this shop and my recent experiences there. The first thing to say was that I found this shop by accident. I had heard rumblings of a game shop in Sparkhill, but with no website and Google Streetview not forthcoming, it seemed likely that there was maybe a shop there once upon a time. Continue reading

Video Game Market – Retro Collect event, March 2014 (Leeds)

This post has been far too long coming. Retro Collect’s Video Game Market in Leeds was what it called itself on the tin – retro games and systems in gathered in abundance for sale in the basement (where else?) of Leeds Town Hall. It was my first time attending an event like this, focused on retro videogames exclusively, and judging by the enormous queues outside it was a genuinely exciting novelty for many other people too. Continue reading